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Connectcut Rider

Looking Connectcut riders

Hello Iwrench2, I think I may have seen your Tourist at We.Lik.It Ice cream in Pomfret today. Was that you?

Durham rider here. Commute to work in Rocky Hill often. Where are you?

Columbia, due to work have pretty much just been riding on weekends. Need a truck for work.

Columbia is a weekend ride for me anyway. Got out to Colchester for the Lyme Disease Sucks ride last month, but haven't been out there since.

We will see what this weekend's weather brings.

I'm Willimantic CT hope ride this week end Buell's orchard in Eastford then We-Li-Kit ice cream

Hi Iwrench2,
If the weather holds we are going to the rally at URAL OF NEW ENGLAND on Saturday.

Don Here,

When you are down in the Mystic area, give me a call
Ill take you on a tour around the area.



I'm in case anyone wants to ride somewhere?! (