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CLE on 69 FLH

Has anyone mounted a CLE on an older FLH. If so, what kind of exhaust did you use. The pipe coming off the front cylinder is in the way of the lower front mounting bracket (tie-rod). Also will have to weld a tab on the frame in rear to mount rear bracket. If anyone has pics of the mounts on a 69 HD car, I would appreciate seeing them. Maybe I could use different mounting brackets and save some headaches? Thanks in advance. Chuck

ChuckThe rear mount on a 69 FLH was located on the swingarm,there was a loop to insert the rear lower mounting stud from the sidecar frame to the rear sidecar mount of the bike it was bolted together in the rear this way. Later using a two piece block to clamp on the square type swingarms used later on when they changed to the rear disc setup to insert the stud from the older cars. If I remember next they used a two piece u-bolt that clamped to the bike frame I think it was mounted under the passanger floor board on that part of the vertical frame tube,then to the sidecar frame u-bolting it there also. The sidecar frames have not changed that much. I think that this U-bolt type bracket may work. The pipe on my 72 FL goes over the front lower mount Its not stock,I have a 1969 sidecar just not sure how to send pictures

When I converted my "50 Panhead rigid into a swingarm frame, I went to Paucho for my pipes (Right side staggered). It took a couple of tries but I finally got one that didn't interfere with the floorboards, kicker or sidecar frame. They were very helpful and had about 5 optional headpipes to offer. Two "S" pipes and three that went around the frame, as I recall.

Thanks for the info guys. After considering my mounting options I decided to leave my 69 flh as is and mount the car to my 79fxe. I wanted to make some changes to the bike anyway and the car bolts right up to it. I do still have an exhaust problem, but I can just change it over to an fl dual exhaust and it should be fine. For the time being I'm going to leave the stock front end on it. I'm not sure how it will handle with the narrow 19 inch tire on the front, but I don't have an fl front end to put on it at this time. I've never had a sidecar rig so I want to make sure that I like driving one before I make a lot of changes to the bike. I would be interested in seeing pics of the 69 car if you can send some. Thanks, Chuck