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Christmas Wishes for a friend of sidecaring

Some of you went to the great rally we had at Sturgis a few years ago.  Fewer of you went on the Yellowstone Raid before that rally but anyone who attended the rally probably remembers the two blue Kawasaki/Hannigan HPS rigs.  They went on the Yellowstone Raid and they were fast!  One of the drivers was Charlie Nassau.  He's a great guy with a very positive outlook.  Back in 2016 Charlie was in a really bad accident and spent months in the hospital.  He's been in and out since but as I understand it, he's out now.

It would be a great thing if fellow sidecarists would send him a Christmas email, maybe include a picture of your rig.  Charlie would be thrilled to hear from us.  His email is .

Thanks!  Maryann and I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday.

Al Olme

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

Thanks Al, same to you and Maryann ! Chuck & Ruth