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Children to be banned from riding on motorcycles

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I might add that was a long time ago and perhaps the law was different then. And some years before that, both my kids rode with me when they were quite young yet.


I know this is old, but I figured I'd share current Michigan law. Sidecars are considered a motorcycle accessory, and all motorcycle rules apply. Passengers must have a seat and foot rest, and must be able to reach the foot rests. I attached 4x4 to the passenger foot boards for my 7 year olds to ride the 2 wheel bike, that was completely legal. Helmets are required except in special cases, and none of those cases apply if the passenger is young. (I forget if it's 18 or 21.) There is no literal age limit, although the size thing makes it a practical age limit... Except, as usual, they forgot about side cars. I'm not really sure if strapping a child seat in, makes the child seat foot rests count for this law... Although I'd be willing to bet police here wouldn't give you trouble if you followed the car rules for that (and weren't mouthing off).

  I have had several conversation with LEO in a few states . All have been friendly.  One ask me if seat belts were required . I said no it is a motorcycle. He did check and agreed. We do have them. One was in a parking lot. While putting Payton wheel chair together. A concerned citizen called LE to report a child in danger. He was very nice and said he had to at least show up. Ask a lot of question about sidecars. Last June in NC Park ranger and LEO at gas station were talking with Payton and Kale in the sidecar. Another party ask if that was legal . LEO said they have a seat. And it is built as a two seater.




All 3 of my daughters rode on my bike and in the sidecar since they were maybe 2 yrs. old.Short distances but now at 21 and 18, they love riding.I wouldn't change a thing. 

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