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Check (Bounce) Strap


Chuck - No, but I have paid crazy money for CP1038 bolts and circle 7 bolts before. I think the strap attaches to existing hardware that is already there. I asked for any special hardware when I ordered the strap and spring. So far, I've received the wrong invoice so I don't know if there is actually any. I almost had a heart attack when I saw the amount at first. It was for a complete body going to the UK!. At one time I was really into Corvette certifications and even recently bought a rare brake master cylinder to upgrade Blondie's (it had one for a year later). Being in the "sticks," I finally realized that I was really competing against myself, especially now that I travel much less for my hobbies than before. I might also add that vintage bike parts seem more expensive than even Corvette stuff! Including cars and bikes, I collect stuff that recalls mid- (last) century America. The world then really wasn't much better but I was a kid and not responsible then. I treasure those days and American icons. So, my approach is to recreate these artificacts as closely as I can but within practical limits. I have too many interests to keep them all up to a concourse level. But when certain subjects come up, it is fun to say, "Yeah, I got one of those at home, really!" Locals notice that I usually already have those occasional oddities that come up on American Restoration or Storage Wars type shows, now including that Messerschmitt on Fast and Loud. The only context of a sidecar I ever entertained was one for my Harley Topper. I almost bought that last complete set that sold on eBay a few months ago. I was actually looking for a '65 without a sidecar but the deal just took on a life of its own. So, I passed up the Topper and ended up with the current project. That strap is large enough to be noticed as missing so that's why I'm putting it on. Well, I did get a Guide T-3 "Motorcycle" lamp for this bike so maybe ya' got me! lololol.... - AZP

Sorry I forgot to mention this before but another good source for old parts I found is He is in Ohio and has a lot of stuff for sidecars and older Harleys.

I think he started out as the U.S. counterpart to Willem Boon in the Netherlands. maybe as far back as 20 years ago.... memory fades. For a while, I got my parts from him or a Greek guy. I think they had bought up the Harley police bike warehouses in their counties from the Marshall plan. As their stock depleted, so did my interest until I noticed Tom a few years ago. I'm not sure it's the same guy who started out with Boon but they both had the exact same stock lists. Both have expanded into repops and you have to pay attention to the R in his part numbers. They are NOS but not necessarily OEM. I believe he does list the spring and strap separately. Meanwhile, I try to support small business mainstays in each hobbyist industry, especially those with direct knowledge beyond selling parts. Heaven knows I'm involved with several, different interests (if you've seen my site, you'd know). Although L&M hasn't been all that responsive, I sense that sticking with them will payoff someday. I've read here about "Merle" and heard someone mumbling in the background during one or more of my calls. lolol.... I'm old too and can interpret "grumbles" in any language. He doesn't know it but he has an older brother in Germany who sells Isetta parts lolololol. Thank's for the steer but I think I've got it covered now. Meanwhile, I'm still stuck with that invoice for a complete tub to the UK going into the weekend and after closing on the east coast. That means 3-4 more days delay!! I supposed that's the price you pay for loyalty? - AZP

It is the same guy who was somehow connected with Willem Boon in the Netherlands. I found a Harley accessory ballast weight for my sidecar from him that I didn't think I would ever find anywhere.

Oh.... translation in modern language.... "OMG! Another newbie who doesn't know what he wants!" I might also mention that many of these businesses would have already gone under were it not for their faithful and hardworking spouses. In every case, I end up working with them and get things finished! lololol.... I ain't kidding! Good job, ladies and Mrs. Merle!! Old AZP appreciates you all!

davet - 3/21/2014 6:10 PM Sorry I forgot to mention this before but another good source for old parts I found is He is in Ohio and has a lot of stuff for sidecars and older Harleys.


I have a pretty long list of part's suppliers for used and nos items, Tom has a fair amount you may also want to try Clete and Bart Borchett down in Georgia at Old Dude parts Russ Dupree in Grand Rapids Michigan you can find him on e-bay also under easyruss......and the list goes's an addiction 🙂

Ballast weight? I wonder if I need one of those too? Can't I just ask Blondie to lean further out?? Nah.... bad idea. By the way, Blongie has a "M"" endorsement on her license and is already saying that I'll be in the sidecar!! Does anyone know the price for removing macho tattoos these days!!?? Whodda thought that a sidecar would become an existentialist conumdrum?? I got a rep to protect! - AZP **smiling**

I do not enjoy riding my HD rig solo without weight. I keep 120lb of sand bags in there. The HD is my second rig and it fly's if I look to the right. Maybe I am just skittish but it makes me nervous without ballast and I have had it a few years.

I'm glad to hear it isn't just me. Being in a small town there isn't anyone else to compare notes with. I foresee piling stuff in there for certain events like shows (canopy, chairs, ice chest) but can see I'll need a little weight for routine riding. Do you have a spare tire on the sidecar? I've got one on the sidecar that is fairly heavy I would think. Maybe less than 120# would still do the job. It hasn't lifted so far but then again I've gingerly made turns much slower than if I were riding solo. The tub is off again so I can finish restoring some items on the right side of the bike and change the battery. I want those rear crash bars back on the bike and something was changed in the clamping when new mufflers were installed and the bars were removed. Everything is a lot easier with the tub off and I'll probably have to reconfigure muffler clamp spacers in order to get the bars back on. Thanks for the advice.