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Chattanooga, TN to USCA Rally in July

I'm planning on riding to the July rally in Arkansas. I have a Road King with a Harley sidecar, however any brand is welcomed to ride along. I'm in my 50's and have been sidecaring for about 3 years. I will be leaving from the Chattanooga area on Wed. morning. Would love to have some company. I plan on running about 65 mph on the four lanes and 55 mph on the non-interstate roads, stopping for gas every 2 hours and an hour for lunch. US64 highway will be the route through most of TN and should be a fun ride. I plan on spending the night in the Memphis area and sampling some of that famous barbeque and then getting an early start (before rush hour). We should arrive at the rally on Thursday during the middle of the day. Let me know if any of you are interested. All this is flexible and I am open for changes. If you want to ride along and stay at the same motel, just let me know so we can reserve rooms at the same motel. We can trade email addresses and phone numbers if needed. Happy riding, HD SIDECAR RON (FROM THE HILLS OF E TN)

Greetings, we are located in Mentone AL, not far from you. We are going to attend the rally as well. There are two of us, actually three; me, my wife, and our pet lab Sadie(she rides in the hack). We have two scoots, one with the hack. Sounds like our riding styles are similar; at 58 and after 40 plus years riding experience we take it easy, 60-65mph, stop every hour to hour/half, camping or motels are ok. We have to be sure the motels are pet friendly. I'm not sure when we will be able to depart, but surely wednesday will be ok; my wife still works. email us We are close enough to get together for a ride sometime.

I to am riding Harley (sportster) mule but with a velorex hack. You will be passing through my area shortly after your Memphis stop. Maybe we could join up in the Jonesboro Arkansas Area. If not I hope to meet you at Beaver!

Sounds good. We will contact you prior to our departure. The only change in our plans is that we have decided not to camp, so we'll be checking into finding motels that are pet friendly. Our email address is Keep in touch...early thanks John and Joy We're in Mentone Alabama.

Eureka Springs has lots of motels. Some are more biker friendly than others. But there are lots of events happening there all the time. I'd be asking about reservations if you plan on staying at Eureka Springs.