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Champion sidecars


We are a dealer for Champion products. Middle of December they sent an email to some of their dealers saying that they would not be taking any more orders. Via email I was told that the owner was retiring and that they had a potential sale that should close on the 6th of January (2020) in another email today I was told that they are still working on finding a new owner, they are not taking orders for new products but are still open for parts sales and warranty items as needed. They will also be still selling their reverse gears as this part of the company it would appear at least at this time they are not selling.

So while we can provide some brake parts and some other items for some of the Champion sidecars, if you have any parts needs coming up now would be the time to place your order just in case they never come back to the market with new products.  I have asked but not received any answer for Champion to should they not come back to market supply us with as many part numbers and venders as they can so that we can continue to provide parts for their sidecars as we try to with California sidecars who stopped building sidecars many years ago.


And yes, they offered to sell us the sidecar end of the company, I declined as we have models similar to there sidecars either on the market now or ready to come to market and the price point they offered the company does not work for us. At this time, we have a 5 month lead time with the sidecars we are currently building and this lead time is growing. We have been and are still trying to hire a second shift to speed up production. Once we have a second shift up to speed then we will introduce more models of sidecars.

Jay G

DMC sidecars


Jay, thank you for providing that information on Champion. Many of us had heard rumors, but no solid info.



Sad to see another Sidecar company going away.

Supply and demand. Create the demand and someone will fill it. While I know sidecars are not for everyone I do my best to share the experience with as many as I can. For everyone that finds it is not for them 2 latter do get one.