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Champion Daytona 2+2

Champion Daytona 2+2 Sidecar

Wide 2 person sidecar
Disk brake and electric trim.
Interior in good condition, no rips or tears.

Located in Houston Tx

$2,200 or trade for a single seater side car or motorcycle.

Attached files

What bike was this attached to? I've got a 1994 GL1500SE with a Friendship I sidecar right now but I'm thinking about changing the sidecar for one that would be easier for my wife to get into and out of.

It came off a 1995 GL1500. Not sure if the Friendship and the Daytona have similar frames where the attachments bolt onto but I can take some measurements if it helps.

Thanks for the reply - the boss says that the logistics of getting down there and then finding someone to remove our hack, then mount the new one, would be too much. As much as we'd love to have it we'll have to pass.

No worries friend, California is a long ways away from East Texas. Hopefully something local will pop up and y'all can work something out.

Reduced price $2,000

Hi Sal, I have a few questions
1.Do you have the bike side hardware?
2.What year is the sidecar?
3.Was this your sidecar?
4.Do you have the side windows?
Thank you, Troy


The sidecar was previously attached to a 1995 Honda Goldwing 1500. The subframe is included.

I acquired it wanting to install it on a CB 1000 that I've been working on but that project has been put on hold for a while.

Yes it does have the side windows (not pictured).

Only thing missing is the bike side toggle switches for the electric trim and hood latch. Wires were cut off on the bike side of the male/female connections.


Sidecar has been Sold