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Challenging winter riding

Here in Eastern NC we have seen some of the coldest and snowiest weather this place has seen in many years. Being from Pittsburgh and Cleveland we’ Totally familiar with both.EXCEPT down here they don’t know what to do with it! 3 inches of snow and the place shuts down forv2 days! I have to admit riding in the pure snow with no salt or anything else with a sidecar was fun. No traffic to worry about and mostly flat where we live. The temperatures are another story. Being a “hard core” rider, I ride in most any weather. I have to admit that with wind chills in the single digits I have met my match. It seems that even electric jackets won’t keep me warm. Air just sneaks around any little opening. Now I have it timed so that most rides are under 1/2 hr. To avoid frostbite. It’s been both fun and challenging. Our son told me “there is a fine line between bravery and insanity and Dad you’re flirting with it”.
Anyone else out there enjoying rides in this brisk weather?

I would recommend riding back to Pittsburg or Cleveland to be with folks more like you. It must be terrible living with all those fools in NC. Perhaps "when in Rome" might apply.

And your point is???

Once upon the time I traveled on the maiden journey of my first rig to Norway in December and continued for 3 winters ( until my emigration) to ride and camp year round.
As the parrot joke uses to say:
" I must be nuts "
- "There is no doubt about it."

I may just respond with a the saying on my skirt sleeve button that used to upset my Boss those years:
" I am always in trouble.
But it is so much fun.!"

Early December a old friend and I picked up a Ural rig in Florida ( from 2nd day on the cold started )and brought it back to his home close to the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carrolina.
We lacked the right clothing. heated grips and so on. tear dropps even froze one night on the interstate entering Asheville, NC.
It was a great trip. Everybody staring at us, people even avoided to respond us. Probably doubted about our brain sanity.
I may tell my buddy had great fun giving rides to the family and several of his 9 grandkids.
Now all you need is to get the right riding gear and you will be fine.

Sven from CR,
where the summer was about to start 3 weeks ago. we still fight horizontal rain and Passoverstorms.

I'm 74 years old and kind of grumpy. I have heard most of my life from migrants to the South about how much better the people where they came from could - drive, speak, make love with or whatever.. My point is to bring it to your attention that if it was so much better where you came from, why didn't you stay there, or return. The saying "When in Rome, do as the Romans do" may be foreign to you but generally it works with no hard feelings on either side.

I feel bad for people like you who have forgotten the fun of riding with a hack and want to spend time spreading their grumpiness to everyone else. If you’re upset and frustrated please don’t inflict it on everyone else and most especially to those of us who enjoy sharing our experience on the forum and really enjoy the pleasure of riding anywhere any time! By the way, i’m Also in my 70’s and my fervent prayer is not to end up doing what you are could learn a lot from Sven’s response!!

Hey NCGL..... don't pay any attention to guys like that. I am also in my early 70's and I do enjoy brisks ride with anybody as dumb as I am. hahahaha doesn't matter where they are from. I don't have time for grumpy people like him and most of the time I don't even answer. If ya do it just gives them something to respond to in a negative way. If I do respond it's give him back just as much . Ride on, have a good time with friendly people and put him on your blocked list Life is to short. 🙂

Thanks, couldn’t agree more! Ride safe

wow 3" my rig with ABS would never stop.

but my other one pictured, will. it's the other guy you need to watch out for.

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I live on granted time. My bury nearly would have been these days 18 years ago. Too bussy living for to worry.
Yes i live in a foreign country now for 29 years,because my home country caused me bad bleeding ulcers at age 24. Sadly some bad attitude spreading guys spoiled the country too where my wife was born. Now for what comes, we need just to find a way to get rid of rubbish and take the good things of where to explore new horizons.
All that is needed is an open mind and tolerance. If you travel by feet, 2, 3, 4 wheels doesn't matter. You need to feel home inside yourself.

The attitude is what makes the difference.

What i try to say is winter riding a rig is most fun of all. Just you need to prepare yourself and the bike well.
And if you head out in a snow storm be ready to pay 5 hot meals a day, a hotel room/cabin and have long ski in the tub as " last resort".
Then you are good for to leave at -28• C/-18•F and make a 3/4 salto mortale in the left ditch and hang down your rig.
Been there on January 03, 1987, done that and would/will do it again any moment in the hope to get "off the hook" with laughter again.

The day my departure comes I hope to be able to go with the boots on. Just as both parents in law did.
Every day is a gift and nobody is able to take from us what we have danced. (at least as long your brain stays clear)

who cleans out the collected burden for to enjoy with his wife what comes up now that the nest is about to become empty.

Winter riding a rig is plain fun and much safer then in a car.
Few hours later after I had "signed the airfilter change" on Miss Peabody's bench my buddy Rick "Medio Tico" questioned my sanity...I couldn't stop laughing when on Interstate I40 2 houses overtook us.

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You are sooo right. You do get a lot of odd looks and comments about your sanity from non hack riders! It’s just a HOOT!, The sidecar makes it fun, i hit an icy spot that would have taken me out on 2 wheels!