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Cartires again questions

Quote from CCjon on February 28, 2019, 6:04 am

Sharp, good looking rig, like the color matching.

Doubt if there is anyone who knows more about going to the Darkside safely than Drone. He is a great resource for we sidecarists.


Always interested in listening. My other rig is a 750 HD Street much smaller . The RGU is a pleasure to drive.

I picked it up today, break in the weather. The Hankook 426 195/60-R16 is installed. No clearance issues and it is the same height as the factory tire.

It rode great on the way home it was 19 degrees with some Ice and snow

The 195/60 R16 has worked well.  In snow it has much better traction. Driveways I could no go up with Ice and or snow on them it climbs now.  I need to ride north to a meeting 500 mile round trip. No time for the two lanes . High speed most of the way up and back. It was a pleasure to ride.

No clearance issue on rought roads or bumps of any kind.



6,000 miles on the rig with the 195/60R16 car tire Hot/ cold riding and pushed it hard in the Mountains. It works, the tire looks like new still.

Worked so well I decide to do the same with our Street 750 with a sidecar. Put a 155/60R15 on it and so far it works great.