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Cartire for a 750 Street with sidecar

So the RGU sidecar rig has gone dark. Now time to figure out the Street 750 sidecar rig . Factory tire is a bit odd shaped a 140/75R15.
looking at 3 options now that should work. Looks like plenty of room . With a Street tugging a sidecar IMO a tire that lower ration would be better than one that raises it. However 1/2 MPH at 65 would make no real difference.
165/65r15 would be an inch wider than stock and it you be very close on gearing 65.49 vs 65 MPH
165/60R15 would be almost prefect 63.68 vs 65 Mph.
155/60R/15 would work 62.36 vs 65 mph


You might have a bigger problem than finding the right size. If I remember correctly there is a big difference in rim size between the 15" MC and the 15" car wheels. Only on the 15"....

Maybe Drone will jump in here and shed some light on the issue.



Found this for you...

A 15 inch car rim has a mounting diameter that is less than 15 inches (14.968") and a 15 inch motorcycle rim has a mounting diameter that is actually over 15 inches (15.080") which makes mounting a 15 inch car tire on the motorcycle rim difficult and potentially dangerous if too much pressure is used. Most say it shouldn't be done but there any many who have.

Google has more information for you on the 15" wheel subject.


Thank you . Kind of input I am looking for. I may try to find a 16 inch rim that being the case . The Street 750 rig is not something I need ready everyday now with the RGU finished, so there is time to work with it.

The Street Rod is basically the same bike and the 2018 version comes with 17 inch wheels so there may be away to do this.

Over the summer found time to deal with a car tire for the velorex 563 . We did two of them like this. The Street 750 rear wheel is prefect for a Smart car tire. So we used a Street 750 rear wheel. Cut the hub down by removing the part that houses the crush drive.  Removed the factory 20 mm axle and replaced it using a Street 750  25 mm axle cut to it where we want the wheel to be. It was rather easy really.  Now the bike and the sidecar have the same size tire and wheel and both are car tires. It worked out great.

In this picture it still had the motorcycle tire on the wheel.


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