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car tread tires for my XV-1700 silverado?

Thinking of changing the tires on my Yamaha RoadStar XV-1700 w/ California sidecar. Would like to put car type tires on the motorcycle.???
I know there is a rim edge mismatch possibility that may or may not be critical in this situation?
Where can I find tires that may work for this application??

Happy Spring!!!
The Sparechangeter 🙂

Do a Google search for "Darkside Yamaha RoadStar" and you should find some sites with recommendations if you don't get help here.

Here is the site with info on going to the darkside. Many of us have done it with no regrets.

Enter at your own risk.

I wouldn't bother trying to find a car tire for the front wheel. It won't improve performance and fitment is difficult. For the rear wheel, sure, a car tire would be great. You don't mention what size wheel you have on there now. If I knew the size I might be able to make some recommendations. Check the rim and let me know. It might be either a 16x4 or a 16x4.5? Unless, and I'm not sure about this, in some of the later years the XV 1700 had 17" rears? Would also be helpful to know what size rear tire you're running on there now.

The rim mismatch you refer to in Post #1 only applies to 15" wheels.