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Car Tire for Motorcycle

Just wanted to post this.  I have a 1995 Goldwing and  Hannigan 2+2 sidecar.  Fairly heavy rig.  I read the reports about car tires on bikes a couple years back and when my rear tire was to be replace I went with a195/55/16 Formoza that fit, but got only 21000 miles on it before wearing out.  I looked at the Austone that people have mentioned and used and they are no longer produced and seems that the ones available are very pricey.  So,  more internet searching and I found a close size match.  The tire is called a Sunfull 175/60/16.  It fit as seen in the pics.  Took a little work to slide it in and it rubbed just ever so slightly on the right side saddlebag and then no more rubbing.  Been on for 2000 miles now and very happy with it.  Anyone interested for more info or pics just let me know.  I could not upload photos due to file size.  Oh yes, and the price...……….$56.oo from PEP BOYS thru Fleabay.

Great news.  I have an Austone Taxi tire waiting to be installed on my rig as soon as my back allows. I didn't know that they are no longer being Made..