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Can't edit my own profile

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Why is it when I try to edit my own profile I get the message "Sorry. You are not allowed to access this page." from Word Press. I wrote the dang thing, I should be allowed to edit it!!

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Tom, I went in and edited mine just now.  Word press had a update from 5.61 to 5.62 I did that too.  don't forget to save it also.

Dave USCA president

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I'll try again. Not sure what 5.61 to 5.62 refers to. I'll get back to ya. (two minutes later...) Ok, I went to my profile and down in the left corner, it says "edit profile" in blue. I clicked there. Up pops a message that says- " Sorry. You are not allowed to access this page."

Out of curiosity I just attempted to edit mine and it worked fine!  Possibly need updates?

Tom, the numbers were WordPress numbers like Windows 9 to Windows 10.  Vaccine 1 updated to 2.  Bill Gates has stock in 2 of the vaccines.

OK, I guess I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer. I'll see if I can update, if not, I'll be back asking more questions. Thanks guys.

Nope. Still not allowed to access the page. Oh well.

I can't update the Pie information -- city state member # -- in my profile. Why Not? 

And I can't understand anything about updating wordpress. That sounds like something the site administrators should be doing.



2011 R1200GS + EML CT2001

For some reason I don't understand, some people can update their profiles and some can't.  I can eliminate Pie Register but then everyone will need to register again and all current posts MAY show up as written by "Guest".

And by the way, as the current administrator, I quit.


Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

I am having this same problem.  It won't let me upload a profile photo/avatar, and i get the "you're not allowed" message on just about everything I do.  Not sure what's up!

Cheers! Joe
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