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Candidate statement

To all United Sidecar Association Members

I am a candidate for Vice President of the USCA. As I am running unopposed I am assured a seat on the board of directors. I ran for President last year and lost by five votes out of nearly 250. I wish to thank the people who voted for me last year. The campaign statement I made last year is still what I would like to see accomplished in the next two years. The following is from my statement last year. >>>>>> In this statement I will not dwell on past problems the USCA has incurred, but rather I will state my position on how to make the club better in the future.
I believe that communication is the main ingredient that will make this club grow and be worthwhile to belong to. The Board of Directors needs to be responsive to the wishes of the majority of the members while at the same time conducting the business of the club as directed in the Constitution and By-laws of the USCA.
I started a group on the internet for USCA members, where they can voice there opinions and get answers to their questions, and while it is just getting rolling, I for one have received some very good ideas from the members that I will take to the board for consideration. I know the Internet is unliked by many people our age, but I believe it is a tool that we should take advantage of if it will further the cause of our club.
If elected I will insure all members will have access to board members, officers and state represenitives. All the people who serve in these positions will have their phone numbers, addresses and email ( if they are on the net), published in the sidecarist, and on the USCA web site that we are in the process of developing for use by all the members and not just a select few.
Renew contacts with motorcycle and sidecar manufactures, Insurance companies, law enforcement agencies and state and federally elected officials. Let them know we are here and we are a good source of information for them when making decisions that will affect us.
Get more members involved in the club, more state reps, and more members serving on committees, a standing advisory committee to help the rally chair and encourage members to participate in the content of the sidecarist.
Representation at major local, state, and national bike shows and rallies that other bike club and manufactures hold.
Have at least two national rallies a year, one in the east or Midwest and one in the west, if we can find members to volunteer to chair them with support from the Board. A yearly gathering in every region, and get togethers promoted by state reps. This will involve more people and promote new membership.
If any one has any questions or suggestions please write, post or email me and I will do my best to answer your questions, listen to your suggestions and will reply to all that contact me concerning this statement. The address for the yahoo site is:
Colby M Cousineau 18324 Winfield Rd. Bristol, WI. 53104 <<<<<<<

President John Kennedy and I have talked at length about our goals for the club and have come to the conclusion that we could work well together.
I would like to thank the Midwest Regional Director Dave Szkudlarek for nominating me and President John Kennedy for endorsing me.
I am not and do not pretend to be concerned with political correctness, I am at times very blunt and to the point, having learned that that method provides for the least amount of misunderstanding. I firmly believe in adhering to the Constitution and Bylaws of the club. I pledge to keep the general membership informed on the business of the Board of Directors and actions taken by the Board. I will report these and other issues in the sidecarist, on our web site, and on a site I started on Yahoo named USCAQandA. Q and A is a site for members to post opinions and ask questions. It is not an officially recognized or sanctioned site of the USCA I would like to encourag

First let me say that I hate politics! I wish it had no place in our sport of sidecarring but we must live with the system. The above statement would really have more meaning to me if it included a reference to past performance. Too bad there is not one reference to what you did as Midwest Regional Director for a year or as last years Rally chair.Maybe you can site some of your good works.I didn't make the Presidents list of people he endorses for the Board next year. That's ok, because that tells me I am doing my job to represent the members in the Central Region and will keep them represented in a manner they expect.