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Calling Jay at DMC

Hi Jay. I have a question if you don't mind. 🙂
In the pic I have attached is it possible to rotate the black tube down a bit so it is level or just a bit below level and not have it screw up the handling of the rig. It handles so good now I really do not want to screw it up. Seems that it would have to extend the threads a tiny bit at the clevis but such a little I don't know if it would harm anything or not.

Thanks for any info you can provide. David

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The two bolts you have labeled to loosen are the frame pinch bolts, They allow the clamp to slide in or out as well as rotate. In your case this clamps is a 70 degree clamp. These are also offered with a 45 degree angle. On the end of the 70 degree clamp are two more pinch bolts that allow the part that it clamps to called a "Boss" to slide and rotate. The bosses and clamps are made longer then they need to be allowing them to be used on many different applications. They can also be cut shorter if need be which could be needed in your case as to rotate the boss down the back side of the boss comes up and could interfere with other parts of the bike. To rotate this you will need to loosen the frame pinch bolts, the clamp pinch bolts as well as the jam nut for the hiem joint. There is no wrong way to orientate these parts however we prefer to have the hiem joint parallel to the ground which is what I think you are trying for. The reason we like to have the joint parallel to the ground has to do with how you set toe in. Toe in can be adjusted by just sliding the clamp in or out however it is hard to do fine adjustments this way. So we normally get it close then fine tune it by threading the hiem joint in or out. Threading the hiem joint allows you to fine tune things as you can turn it 1/2 turn at a time as well as being able to do so on the rear hiem joint.
I know this is a rather winded answer to a simple question but things stay on the internet seemingly for ever and over the years many people will read and look at this post. I still answer questions about posts I made about 20 years ago.
Jay G
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Hi Jay, thank you for that detailed explanation. I do understand quite a bit of what you have stated however the only thing I want to change is the end of the round tube that I have marked " rotate down" It is sticking up above the rest of the frame. The only reason I want it rotated down is so that I can install a 2 inch square tube from the front part of the frame to the rear and get it as close to the motorcycle as possible. It now prevents me from doing that. It will be used for a trailer hitch. On the rear frame that round tube is below the rest of the frame and out of the way. 🙂

I intend to mark everything with a bit of yellow paint so I make sure nothing slides in or out when I loosen those pinch bolts and the heim joint as well. Just in case I need to put it back.

I would think that rotating that piece down will affect the level and toe in of the rig. In other words it will lift the front of the car.