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Calling Connecticut Riders Again

I’ve been staring at the same threads in here, without seeing much activity, so I’ll put the word out there again.

As we move into spring, which I believe is going to happen sooner than you think, I’m getting the bike ready with enthusiasm for riding. This of course will be my first season with a smaller motorcycle and sidecar. I’d really like to make sure I get together with others who ride the same kind of rig, not only for recreational fun, but also for learning. My hope is that some of you might be close enough to Glastonbury, CT, where we could meet up and compare notes and talk about the world of sidecars.

So once again I will say please consider getting hold of me, and let’s make plans for the spring. That would be great. My wife has always been very enthusiastic about riding with me, and is equally excited as well, about the prospects for this spring summer and fall with the new bike!

Please feel free to send me an email, to begin the conversation about the potential for meeting up: