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Calling All California Sidecarists!

Are you tired of wondering if you are the only sidecarist in town? Do you think it might be fun to have a riding friend, a buddy, a chum, a sidekick? Have you seen a rig heading in the opposite direction, and considered whipping a U–turn and giving chase? Well hopefully, we won’t have to do that much longer.

Your California Representative (that would be me) is establishing a database/list of all CA Sidecarists. The sole purpose of this list to help locate fellow riders. This list will not be used for spam, distributed indiscriminately, or sold. Your privacy is protected and your participation is strictly voluntary. If you are interested in being on the list, and locating other sidecarists in your area, please contact me. No one will be included on the list without permission. Therefore, you must contact me (preferable by email) with the following information, name, address, and phone. I will also need to know how you wish to be contacted. (i.e. only by email, only by phone, email/phone, etc.).

Riders on this Sidecar Sidekicks List will be grouped by zip code. You contact me, and I will locate those on the list who are within fifty to one hundred miles of your location, and forward the information. I will not contact anyone on your behalf, nor will I vouch for anyone that I do not personally know. This is a free service to help locate other riders. Who knows, there might be one five blocks from your house. Contact me and find out: Gail Perszyk, USCA CA. Rep. email: Subject: Sidecar Sidekicks. Looking forward to hearing from you.