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California Friendship Sidecar: Where to buy windshield? & Roof Repair/Replace

My dog coming on motorcycle rides is the reason I bought the rig. The little windshield is to short to protect my dog while riding in the sidecar. The shorty also won't allow a roof to mount over the dog's head. If the rig was primarily to be a show peice I would leave the windshield as is or more realistically would have bought a motorcycle without a sidecar.

I have been trying to understand why the mounting of the sidecar wasn't more proper. It dawned on me today when the car was mounted they placed the mounts around the front fairing and rear side bags. Those peices are off and won't be going back unto the bike. Without those peices there will be more access to the frame with better mounting angles. I hope that is the case especially for the rear upper mount. As it is currently it cramps up the legroom for the driver.

May be it will be easier to make vinyl extension for your top instead replacing windshield.

Thanks for the input. It would be a good idea except dog would have a tough time getting in, couldn't sit up all the way and more often then not the roof won't be on the car so the dog would still be stuck without enough protection. Also I am not sure how much longer the shorty windshield is gonna be a viable windshield. Judging by the weathered paint job and paint lines showing a full height windshield used to be installed and because the car came with the original cover more then likely the small windshield used to be a big one that was cut down due to deterioration and cracking. What is at issue is the rig was bought new, built and ridden a long ways by its first owner. When they past on it was left to someone who only rode it a few times and mostly let it sit outside for many years. Everything is really heavily weathered. The upper photo looks ok because its from the side. Looking down on the rig is different story. The little windshield looks ok though I wouldn't trust it enough to spend money in a custom top for it in case it cracks and deteriorates further leaving me with having to buy a new windshield anyway and then another top to boot. I would like to use the original top too so the windshield really does need to be tall and close to OEM spec. In other words I want my dog to be comfy while maintaining the OEM looks and style like the below pictured rig.

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I just went out to have a close look at the windshield situation. When in close I noticed most if not all mounting hole screws are cracking in the little windshield. Definitely gonna be needing a new windshield sooner rather then later.

Like Al said "Just be careful and buy their plastics bit if you do buy from them. It's not expensive and it works much better than a standard twist bit" it will save you a lot of problems. I use only nylon bolts and lock nuts on all of my sidecar windshields, and do not tighten them up too much. At least with the nylon bolts you usually break the bolt instead of the windshield when cranked down too tight.

Nylon hardware is great idea. Much more affordable to beak some bolts then crack the windshield. I will definitely use nylon for the hardware. I hear using foam tape behind the windshield helps cushion the plexiglass to alleviate stress too.

The foam tape is a good idea but thicker is not always better. If you use tape that's much thicker than 1/8th of an inch you will either pull each screw down so that it forms a dimple [and cracks eventually] or leave it so loose that to moves in the wind [and cracks eventually]. Generally tape that is not too thick and on the dense side is best.