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California Friendship III For Sale

I have disconnected the sidecar from the GoldWing ( ) so that I can use the bike while I wait for a buyer.

Happy to sell the bike and sidecar as a unit (sidecar was added by original owner within a year of buying the GoldWing brand new -- they are meant to be together!) or sell just the sidecar. (I already have another California Friendship III in my attic as I knew it's the sidecar I want long term for the grandkid years -- but my daughters are only teens, so I sure don't need two sitting around! LOL)

Make a reasonable offer.

Sidecar is in central Connecticut. You can email me at or text (203) 494-1344.


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Big Tom
Quote from FlyinMonkeys on August 12, 2022, 8:35 am

Just to be clear, you disconnected your 1990 Honda Goldwing 1500...with EZ Steer on the front end....and are now using the 2 wheeled bike, whilst you wait for someone to buy the California Friendship lll that right?

You're riding your 2 wheeled Goldwing...with EZ Steer.....without the sidecar attached ????

Just want to make sure I am understanding you correctly.

Asking that question, because I know how a bike handles with the EZ Steer front end trail reducing triple trees on the bike...and NO sidecar attached to the bike yet. I did that to my '06 Goldwing, made all the modifications to have Champion Sidecars attach a new Dayton 2+2 to it, then I 'rode' that bike 1,200 miles from Washington State down to So. Cal to Champion Sidecars.

I knew in advance...this is a very RISKY thing to just want to clarify what it is you are doing with a Goldwing 1500 w/EZ Steer front end.

Hi FlyinMonkeys,

Posts like this are the main reason I tend to limit my time on forums. Yes you are understanding correctly. Yes, it's "different" than a normal setup, obviously. No, I don't consider it risky. (I just spent three days dragging my knee around Pitt Race. My gut says you and I have different views on what is and isn't risky.)

You want to know what has slowed me down so far? That's it's a darkside rear and a mc rear up front! LOL. But slowing me down is still not slow!

Anyway, sidecar will be for sale regardless of whether I die on the GL1500 (but if I do, I'm sure it won't be the EZ Steer's fault!)

(I rode a buddy's insane chopper with foot clutch and 20 inch apes. Now that I began to think of as risky....)


Have fun!

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Thanks for the good laugh 

Two Million Miles, and All 7 Continents

 Your ride your call.  Some input from someone that has been there done that. I have ridden many miles with a car tire on a two wheel bike.

I have ridden a few miles on a bike with a raked tree.  The problem do come with both bike may seem fine then all the sudden road condition can change that quickly.

  No ninja riding skills will save you when it goes to death wobble.

  Running a car tire on the rear with a sidecar is great. Raked tree does help some with steering. Neither is an issue. Take the sidecar off they can be.

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Is the sidecar still up for sale?