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California Friendship 3 (Sold)

  1. California Friendship 3

Double seater sidecar.
Has latch that swings up for easy entry.
Disk brake on wheel.
Gas tank in trunk. 
Previously mounted on a Honda GL1500, does not have the bike side mounts. Located in Houston, Tx

$1,400 - sold 

(Interested in trading for a smaller sidecar)

Uploaded files:
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  • 20181013_185644.jpg

Do you have any more photos - I'd like to see what the frame looks like, and the interior. Right now we have a Friendship I mounted on a '94 GL1500SE and we're looking for something that would be easier for my wife to get into - the Friendship I doesn't have a tilt-up front so she has to climb into the hack, with bad knees!

Hi Alan,

Can't help you with the sidecar but I wanted to tell you something that might possibly help your wife out... A year ago my wife got two new knees after putting up with bad knees for a lot of years. Her doc said he never recommends doing two at once but in her case that was the only way he could do it because proper therapy afterward wouldn't be possible if he did only one. Three days in the hospital, ten days in St. Lukes rehab and she could out run me easily. She's very happy and much more active with her new parts!!

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom

Thanks Tom - she had one knee replaced about 10 years ago. The other knee was supposed to be done but she put it off because of the difficulty she had during rehab. That knee is now bone-on-bone, along with both hips. On top of that she has bulging discs at L4 and L5 which causes bouts of sciatica - that's what caused the rehab issues with the first knee. She's getting close to the point where she's going to get the second knee done, and then I'm trying to convice her to get the hips done as well, but she's afraid that replacing all that will cause more pressure on her spine. We're still waiting for the doctors to perfect a full body transplant!

Wishin' you both the best and better days ahead for you partner in life!!

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom

Thanks for the interest guys but ended up trading the sidecar for a Friendship 1.