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California Friendship 1


You are correct: one needs to climb in over the side rail. That's the one thing my wife doesn't like about ours. Also, I see this one has the stock seat - it's a fiberglass shell with maybe an inch of padding on it. I believe the seat was made for a sand rail, or other type vehicle. I replaced ours with a fully padded seat made for a CJ5 Jeep - fits great and gives my wife a much more comfortable ride!

I believe it was the Friendship 2 that had the hinge opening to get in and out.

Wife uses a gel/memory foam pad on the seat to make things comfortable.

Sal, am arriving back in Houston this weekend. I'll call you the first of next week.

Does this have the torsion suspension or a shock on the sidecar? Easy to remove the tub?


Ccjon, it has the torsion bar suspension. I took it apart in the beginning of summer for inspection, packed the bearings with grease.

Four bolts removes the tub.

Hey Sal, called and left you a message, Also sent you a text message.

Am back in Houston now, call me (361) 813-7374