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Calendar Sales?

Our local Rotary Club chapter produces an annual calendar with pretty pictures of American Samoa as a fund raiser (which does quite well)

I, for one, would jump on buying a calendar (or three) with 'eye candy' sidecar photo's. I refuse to wear any identifying marks, patches, or badges, but it'd be nice to be able look up at what I'd rather be doing when I'm at the salt mines.

Too late for this year, but maybe next year?

not sure who could take the lead on pulling this all together, but sounds like a good idea if we could keep them affordable.

USCA already must have a deal with a printer/mailer, a 'trial balloon' could be done up from old 'Sidecarist' cover photos, with the calendar added.

At Rotary, they have December a little longer than the other months, and businesses can have their banner added (for an extra cost), for the business to buy and distribute to vendors, favoured clients, etc.

Make the print run dependant on pre-orders, a check box on membership renewal for an extra $X dollars to be automatically added to the list to get a copy or more) mailed when they become available (November?).

BTW, I'm NOT a Rotarian, too scruffy even by our local (low) standards! 🙂 But we do buy a handful of their calendars for gifts....

I think the calendar is a great idea! My wife has ours made each yr. at Walmart. She uses pics from our rides for the previous year. Great fun memories to savor all yr. Cool way to keep good times in front of us!

Sounds like you just volunteered your wife to do a trial run. Thanks
Rex, Rep.

Thanks, that would seem like a good idea except we know how involved it is and aren't ready for that type of an adventure this year. Right now we will settle for 1 edition. However, anyone can have their own made up! That way it's personal! Enjoy and ride safe!

Is there photo thread where we can post our sidecar photos and have them available to use in a calendar? Public domain rather than copyrighted or watermarked.

I like the idea put forth in the Sep/Oct Sidecarist mag. by the hard working editor; use submitted photos to print a monthly center fold calendar page

well it's 12-11-2018 just got my Nov - Dec,   Sidecarist  I like the Walmart idea.  Who want a 2019 calendar in 2020?