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C Stanley MotorSports Corporation

Many have asked about whether we will have a website or not. Theanswer is yes. I really wish we could do it now but with all that isgoing on it will not happen for a while. In order to show some picsand so forth I have started a yahoo site at : going there you will have to join the site like any other yahoosite. Posting will be limited there. When there go to the photosection at the left of the screen and you will see some categorizedpictures. Please rememebr that most items there are in the earlystages of developement and are not the completed product as far asthe Freedom trailers and Freedom sidecars go. More pictures will beadded as time permits so check in often.Feel free to email me with any questions at orcall at 570 765 8310 days or 570 837 5182 evenings. If you miss meplease leave a message and I will call you back.Thanks for your support. We are all in this together and I hope wecan be of service to many here.Claude :-)***The following is what is posted on the homepage there...........Welcome to the Yahoo site of C Stanley MotorSportsCorporation. This site is specifically set up for those who areinterested in the products, component parts and fabrication ofsidecar related items provided by CSM.There are other brand specific Yahoo sites such as those deicated toFlexits,Urals,Dnpers,Steibs, Harleys and maybe others.We are here to focus on the Freedom Sidecar line including theFreedom Cruiser, The Outfitter Series and also the Freedom Haulercargo trailer. There will also be info related to new developmentsas well as acessories and options that are being delveloped as timegoes on.Custom fabrication is also a large part of CSM Inc. so feelfree to let us know your needs.Your input is important to us at C Stanley Motorsports so do not beafraid to contact us personally.We hope you enjoy this site and that it will be informative to you.You, the sidecarist or potential sidecarist, are what sidecaring isall about. Sidecaring is a family sport and this is a family site.If topics of general interest come up we ask that they be posted atSCT, the home of the Internet Sidecar Owners Klub. The link to thatsite is:,Claude,Gary,Lenny and the crew at C Stanley Motorsports