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C Stanley Motorsports and Dave Keesee

All of us here at C Stanley Motorsports Inc. , myself, JoAnne, John, Reuben Jim, Doug (professor polish) and Milton Bill, are happy to take the time to welcome Dave Keesee and his lovely wife Joni to central Pennsylvania and also to CSM !
Many reading these lines know Dave for his wealth of knowledge and exceptional customer relations while being the main, day to day, sidecar contact at Hannigan Motorsports under Dave and RuthAnne Hannigan for close to a decade.
CSM's association with Hannigan Motorsports as an authorized dealer has been a strong one. This will not change and in fact we feel that we will be able to better serve those who are interested in any of the great Hannigan products better than ever before. Dave has brought a lot to the table to make this a reality.

In his short time here it is very clear that Dave is a natural 'fit' with all we do here at CSM. This relationship should prove to be a 'win win' situation all around. on......

In the near future a business called ' SIDEKARZ L.L.C.' will be offering S/TEP sidecar and trike training here in Pennsylvania. Dave Keesee , certified S/TEP Instructor, will be heading up this venture. Dave with well over 100,000 miles of actual sidecar experience under his belt should do a very good job with this.

SIDEKARZ L.L.C. in conjunction with C Stanley Motorsports Inc. have a series of training outfits under developement for thsi purpose.

The first prototype, based on a Hionda 250 Rebel, has undergone preliminary testing and has passed with flying colors. The second prototype will be tested soon and is based on a recently purchased 250 Suzuki.

Other smll displacement motorcyles , a scooter and a small displacemtn trike kit are also in the planning stages.

These TRAINING sidecars have a bike specific mounting system (almost plug and play), powdercoated metal bodies with easy entry and exit. a nice upholsteried seat and a tonneau cover. They will be offered as training sidecars to others who presently providing sidecar trike training or are planning to set up a sidecar training program soon.

We also hope to offer a similar sidecar line for small displacemnt machines to the public for use on specific small displlacement motorcycles. These will be called 'THE FREEDOM LITE SERIES' under the banner of CSM's line of Freedom Sidecars. We could think of THE FREEDOM LITE SERIES as an entry level product but they will also make great commutors, grocery getters and so on for th eveteran sidecarist or the newbie alike. Again, bike specific, easy mounting, and an affordable price structure. Stay tuned for more info coming soon.

A new website will be live soon for CSM ( ). For a preview click here:

SIDEKARZ L.L.C. will also have a site directed at sidecar and trike training. These sites will be linked.

So, we do trust that these moves will be in the right direction to provide a means to better serve and promote the world of sidecars for both those who are experienced and for those who may be contemplating joining this wonderful comunity.
CSM Inc and SIDEKARZ L.L.C are two companies that were formed and are operated by and for sidecarists by the owners and the employees. We are 'by and for sidecarists'.

Hmm..just read this to JoAnne and she said we were all sidecar junkies...oh well.

*** Wow - This is great News! Congratulations!
Wishing you much success, and Hi to Dave.
Sidecars, and training to boot.
Way Cool!
gail in CA

Welcome to PA neighbor/brother Dave!! I think we should start our own sidecar junkie club and call ourselves "The Sons of Levity"! Kimberly (my wife) has already designed the cut and subsequent tat!!! hehehe....

Wow, that's great news--glad to hear that Dave will be on the crew. He rigged the Astro Sport that my wife and I picked up last April, we've enjoyed the rig for almost 7000 miles now and Dave did a super job of customer service on followup. Thumbs up!


I am finally in the final stages of setting up the classes,with the insurance and legalities involed,so it is looking like I should be ready to offer classes in the forseeable future.The rebel rig has survived several hundred miles of aggresssive testing and the Suzuki is nearly compleated,so hope to be spending some quality time instructing new students soon. Remember there is also an advanced class for those wanting to polish up on thier skills that will also be available. Dave Keesee,Sidekarz LLC.