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Bunkie Boucherie 2018 - March 23-25 - Central Louisiana


LowriderBud - 3/7/2018 8:35 AM

I plan to be there and camp. This will be my 1st. Sidecar Get-together, so be gentle. I'll be driving a rig I bought last year from one of your neighbors. This will also be the longest trip I've made on it, so I hope we both make it. Looking forward to meeting everyone.


We'll be on the look-out for you Bud.

This past weekend we mounted a new front tire on the GS/CSM rig,
so we're 'bout ready for travel...

Lee Summer Grove, LA Ural cT, CJ750, Burgman/Texas Ranger, Zuma 50F, MB5, TW200, CRF250L, GTV300

Hi my ShadowCalifornia II are planing to attend,
Don Mitchell
Bellville, TX

Sorry not going to be able to make it. Have going to Memphis the last few weekends to help my stepmother with my dad. My dad went in the hospital and had a stroke while there. He has been home under hospice care.

2015 Ural Patrol, 1980 R65, 1982 R65 original owner, 1975 R 90/6, 1959 TR3A Triumph Don

Aurora and I are leaving New Mexico in the morning. We will be in Louisiana Sunday P.M. and going to check in with Larry and Barbara. WE are thinking of riding up into Mississippi , Maybe follow the river road or the trace natches and return to meet up with the group Fri. , don't want to miss lunch. Anyone want to meet up, plans are very flexible and open to suggestions. Will have phone with us starting tomorrow 575 921 5749

George, you and Aurora have a safe trip. The Natchez Trace is a great sidecar ride, no billboards, no big trucks. Lots of historic signs to stop and read. Know that there is no fuel or services on the Trace itself. Also watch your speed, it is enforced. Since it is Federal land, speeding tickets go to Federal Court, not to the local JP.

I plan to arrive Thursday late PM with the sidecamper rig, setting up on Ripley's Lane under the trees.

Several sidecar games are planned and ready to go. Fixing to make them more challenging this year, as ya'll are getting too good at winning. Aurora is too good at sweeping the ball across the field in record time.


The grass is greening up, the azalea's are starting to bloom and the weather forecast is generally favorable. Smile

Donbmw, sorry you can't make it - we pray all goes well with your family.

George, sure wish we could take a few days off to join y'all, but I have too many deadlines to meet this week.


The Venture Scouts need to mentor at a Cub Scout event on Saturday, so we are revising the proposed schedule as follows:


11:30 Meet-Up for Lunch at Lea's Lunch Room in Lecompte (20 miles North)
followed by 50 mile tour of fish hatchery and local bayou back roads

4:30 Sidecar Games with the Venture Scouts

6:30 Étouffée Supper with the Venture Scouts


8:00 Breakfast
9:20 Riders Meeting
9:30 Group Ride to the Louisiana Arboretum (50 mile round trip)

4:00 Sidecar Games

6:00 Awards and Door Prizes
6:30 Potato Bar Supper at rally central

Lee Summer Grove, LA Ural cT, CJ750, Burgman/Texas Ranger, Zuma 50F, MB5, TW200, CRF250L, GTV300

It's 9 o'clock , just rolled in to Mexia Tx, someone turned on the rain about half way thru Texas. Looks like rain tomorrow but after that maybe better. Yee haw

Butch and I plan on attending. 🙂

Sorry to say we're not going to make it health reasons hope everybody has good time Doc and Lori Sundin