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Bringing Home a GSA/EZS rig

Flew to Santa Barbara, CA to pick up a new-to-me 2015 BMW water-cooled GSA/EZS rig. Will ride it back home to Texas, avoiding the interstate highways, and post up my impressions, thoughts and observations.

Is my first EZS hack so don't have any experience with them but am willing to learn.

Only rode about 50-70 miles today, before getting a room for the night.

Initial impression is the rig is solid, the bike and the sidecar work together as one unit. No twitching or flexing. Ground clearance is generous. It doesn't have hydraulic leveling, but doesn't seem to need it either.

David the PO thought it pulled slightly to the right, but when cruising Pacific Coast Highway 101 at 75, I felt no pulling at all.

Tomorrow we'll put more miles on it crossing California then into Arizona with observations noted.

Is getting around 34 mpg, that is a very positive note.

More to come...

p.s. my photos files are too large to post here, but you can see them on my blog:

I've had two EZS and Three EML rigs [very similar] and you HAVE to like them.  Solid and very well engineered.  You will love your new ride.

Today we learned if you do not wish to talk to anyone....keep riding. Sidecar Delay Factor is evident with this rig. EVERY time I stopped, first admiring looks, then the smile and the conversation would start.

Got as far as the Arizona Border before calling it a day, only 350 +/- miles. Make a few side detours on unpaved roads just to see how it handled dirt, sand and washboard.

Learned that normal accelerating does not produce the normal pull to the right, nor does normal braking pull to the left. Take either action hard, then yes, it will pull some right and left, but not under normal operations. I think because the two parts are tied together so tight and strong, it acts as one unit.

Even with cruising at 70+ across that 100 mile stretch of desert east of 29 Palms, am averaging 35 mpg. With the larger GSA fuel tank, its range should be 250 miles with no worries.

Tomorrow we traverse Arizona, again avoiding the interstate highways as much as possible.

It was mentioned that the EZS sidecars are too light, too easy to fly the chair.  This rig is not easy. Tried several times to fly the chair to no avail.

David, the PO, installed 70# of lead shot along the top of the sidecar axle. Plus in the tub are all the OEM parts he removed, plus a small ice chest to keep the water cold, plus my gear all makes for a road hugging rig in the mountain twisties.  Which we put to the test the last hour of riding up into the mountains to reach Globe, AZ. for the night.


Photos and more information is posted on the blog:


Hi Jan:

I bet you know where this is headed.  Are you taking pictures and keeping a diary of your trip.  This trip sounds like an article for the Sidecarist.


Will Short


Will, am playing with a new camera so taking lots of photos of desert flowers in bloom with a sidecar rig thrown in now and then for good measure.... lol.





Made it back home to Texas, after swinging down through Big Bend. 1880 miles on a beautiful comfortable GSA/EZS rig.  Making it a fly-n-ride was a great decision. Weather cooperated though an electric jacket was needed several mornings

Will work up a report for the Sidecarist with photos.


In the meanwhile, updates were posted to the blog:

Sounds great. I'm glad everything went well.


Glade you made it home safe.  You can set your phone for a one time shot that will post here.  Or dummy up a picture of your computer.  can't wait to see the pink with purple polka dot sidecar rig.

Looking forward to more reports. As I am looking for car options for my new GSA.