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Brass Monkey Rally

2020 Brass Monkey is in Salome AZ.  At the Stanford Inn, 928-859-3452.

There is plenty of camping in the area as well for those of you who wish to camp out.

Hope some of you out there can make it.

Is it the second weekend of January?  Does it start on Friday or Saturday?

might try the phone number, lot of times event are post and they never check back.


It’s been the Presidents’ Day weekend in Feb. every other year. If someone has more info, please post

My is on president's day weekend in February.  I know some folks are planning to be there on Friday.

Aurora and I will be there,Fri. Sat. Sun. ,maybe some more New Mexico?  Welcome along. Looking forward to seeing everyone again.

On our way. Lots of snow and cold in the mountains of New Mexico. Going out on a trailer and looking for the warmth of Arizona to unload and ride.