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Brass Monkey get together

Made my second Brass Monkey get together at Mecca beach 2200mi to get there must have driven in circles.
This year leaving western Wa. in the snow Monday crossed Astoria bridge in the rain and on down 101 to Lincoln city did some turisty things
and made Eureka my stop for Tue. only slight rain and good oil leak Paso Robles for Wed. Stopped in Bakersfield to check the oil leak the dealer did not have any problem with the sidecar and got me in as soon as I got the trailer unhooked. It was more than that oil coming from all the drain plugs and the stiff clutch and weird sound was just the clutch drum loosing its inner splines. No they did not have one for an '07 Eglide but there was one in Santa Clarita I got to spend Fri nite camped at the dealer Misty the very nice HOG lady ran me to get the parts Saturday morning, got back in time to get it back together before 4PM .
Got on the road going south on 99 to 58 e heavy traffic so I got in well back some one dove into the pack of cars and everyone hit the breaks as soon as I did the offset trailer pushed the sidecar into the air, not just lifted, if the guy in front of me had not gone for the shoulder we would have met. I got to release the breaks and it slammed down hard enough to turn my toolbox upside down and the sidecar hit the leaf spring mounts on both sides.
Spent another nite in B field then took 178 up the Kern canyon through Lake Isabella a very twisty tight two lane next to a very dangerous bolder strewn river great ride. the lake was as dry as I ever saw it as a kid. Then out across the high desert to Lake Havasu found good deals on HD parts at Desert Thunder ran out of room in the trailer.

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Sounds like an adventuresome trip. I assume you have made it home safely by now.
So, did you make it to the Salton Sea? If so, how was the rally?
Ride safe, gp

back again
after three days in Havasu and a day with my cousin in Yuma it was off to Salton sea no traffic easy sailing. Arrived a day early and set up camp close one of the bath houses solar heated water made for hot showers the Mecca beach camp grounds were clean and had enough shade, there was a Starbucks within 10 miles so I could start my day.
Left for home on the 16th went through San Bernardino and Mojave then landed in Tehachapi for the nite spent a day visiting friends and put new tires on the trailer on the 18th the part of the ride I came for, from Paso Robles all the way up coast route 1, Watsonville was the 19th made it all the way through the red woods, all new black top, no traffic got out on 101 just cruising along and there was Jerking and harsh noises from the same area as the clutch, got a tow from AAA no charge 61mi to Eureka for a 3 day stay at Redwood Harley yet another case of a dealer who did not question the sidecar and got on it to get me back on the road. A belt was the problem this time, had to get it one day delivery. Redwood took care of the extra shipping and I had a clean scooter. until I got to Oregon. Over nite in Seaside liked the sea lions barking all nite kind of like my dogs.
The rest was text book wet. I did stop at a roadside scale in Oregon motorcycle, sidecar, tools, jump-box, riding gear and me #1400 with the trailer attached wheels off the scale trailer only still attached #550 close to a ton? All in all it was about 4200mi and fun