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There is a lot of good information on this forum and thanks everyone for all the help in the past.
I've had my hack up and going for about 4 months now, and I'm very happy with, but it's time to plumb my brakes(I've final found all the parts that I needed). I've seen quit a few rigs with the brakes plumbed into the rear brakes, and have seen about the same number with the brakes plumbed into the front. Every one says they have the right setup. Is there a right set up?
Input is welcomed.

The Lone Indian Hack driver

Personally a seperate sidecar brake is my preference but that is another story.
To plumb to the front or to the rear that is the question.
Both 'camps' have good points but I lean toward the sidecar brake being plumbed to the rear of the bike. The main reason(s) is that any given tire only has so much traction availble to it. A locked tire cannot be steered as it will just slide in the direction that the forces acting on it dictate. If the front wheel is braked independantly of the rear and the sidecar then steering will never be lost due to a skidding front tire when braking.
Keeping the front independant also helps with the techinque of feathering the front brake in right handers.
Just some opinions..there will be others I think.

Due to all of the variables of wheel loading, linked brakes, abs systems, differences in front/rear and sidecar rotors or drums or a combination thereof that are found in motorcycles with sidecars, there is no hard-line ratio of braking coefficients, I personally prefer either no sidecar brake or an independent sidecar brake which can be used as desired to aid in turning, stopping, or for offroad work. I have no experience with two seat trailer tuggers which may very well need the extra braking, but they can also put the independent system to good use. On a single seater rig I would rather add a second front disc (if not already equipped), or more aggressive brake linings.

My unit is a 2001 Indian Scout with a Champion Legend side car. I am installing a 11.5" rotor and Caliper from the rear of a late model SoftTail. This is a lot of brake for a hack, but this is what I have.
I admite an seperate brake system would be a great thing and it might happen. I was just looking for the best easy way out (There are a few more riding day left this season)

The Lone Indain Hack Driver