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Brake Interface - Panhead/LE Sidecar


azpaul50 - 2/15/2014 12:56 PM
... sellers pictures of the hack....

I'd be pretty giddy too if this was enroute to me. I can't help with your questions, but I'm looking fwd to hear of your progress and seeing pics from the road:

Lee Summer Grove, LA Ural cT, Burgman/Texas Ranger, Zuma 50F, MB5, TW200, CRF250L, GTV300

Lee - The first thing that comes off the bike are those funky new-era mirrors. I have to look at my stash of Bucos to see if I can make a combination that will keep my other two bikes "correct." If not, I'm sunk for a while since they run like $300 a used set for the Harley version, often without the correct handlebar clamps and bushings. I broke the bank with this last buy. One of my weaknesses it trying to over emphasize contrasting colors. The bike once had a white or black/white buddy seat and I plan to put it or one of mine back on. I also have a white (alone) one but none are super softs. As you can see on my '63, I also like cable wrap. Of course, nobody has any black/white left in the world. LOLOL... before it is over I'll have this hack looking just like a black/white saddle oxfod shoe worn by Liberace'! Gotta go.... some Anderson footpegs are on ebay but of course, one of them doesn't have the clamp or crash bar bushings. Grrrr... I'll keep you posted and thank you. - AZP P.S. - I think I was one of the kids in the famous print of Tex's bike. if you know or anyone else knows the drawing, you'll know where I'm coming from.

The hack is now enroute from Columbus to Dallas as of 2/17. I'm assuming it will stop there awaiting another load heading further west. The old, original parts arrived in three boxes via FedEx. The original -49A windshield was broken due to poor packing at the Harley shop in Indiana. I'm heartbroken because that was an unecessary setback. Darn! - AZP

Just to set the record straight, I was wrong about that broken windshield, fortunately. I gave the Indiana dealership a bum rap. The original windshield was accidently broken at the shop but they have a museum that also had a replacement in stock. The seller paid for it. He sent the broken one on the frame separetly to show me. I thought it was the replacement!! The correct, used replacement upper is in the sidecar which I haven't seen yet. My apologies to the state of Indiana for undeserved defamation of character. - AZP

AZP is the one from Richmond HD?

Chuck - No, not them. I'd rather not say because people usually remember something critical first and gloss over the apology. It was entirely MY misunderstanding. Their parts packing was not very attractive but it worked! Otherwise, they were helpful and courteous. That's what I'd like to be remembered about my new amigos in Indiana. The purchase was private but at my request, this dealership (routinely services the seller) agreed to stage the hack for pickup. A few other things needed done to ready it for transport which I paid for. The pickup apparently went well for delivery to the H-D dealership here. I usually have my stuff picked up and delivered (including cars, sometimes) at a dealer because shippers might discount the price (from commercial business to business). Businesses will have the equipment and manpower when the shipper arrives, avoiding some of those horror stories from "Shipping Wars." Seems like everyone I buy from in is the midwest or northeast and usually lives out in the "sticks!" I've been collecting for 35 years, really! All the good stuff is up there since most American classics were was also made there historically. Meanwhile, the hack made Dallas and is now going to Eskota, TX. Old AZP is originally from TX but never heard of it. The map says it is further west than Dallas so that's fine with me. Citizens of Eskota! Welcome banners and parades ARE authorized should you care to greet my old bike!.... and please have TX A&M play better football consistently, please!! Gig 'Em! - AZP

hdrghack - 2/18/2014 8:12 PM AZP is the one from Richmond HD?

Sorry AZP, should have worded that better.

In 1993 going to the Hooser hacks sidecar camp out in Boggstown Indiana we stopped at the Richmond HD dealer they had one that looked identical to what you have, but if I remember correctly the sidecar was complete with spare tire and all original.

Either way it's a sharp looking rig, enjoy it

Chuck - I had the star hub rebuilt for the spare there at the dealership so it could make the trip mounted on the car. It wasn't installed when the seller took the pic. The windshield kit was never mounted either but is coming. I've only been to Indiana once, going to a week of training about a block from where legionairre's disease started in Bloomington. That's all over, right??? That school was like in 1978! You're feeling okay, right? - AZP **smiling**

does it have sidecar trees?

does it have the lower gearing they had as a sidecar option?

It is has the steering dampner from the factory and the front forks are tipped out for sidecar use. It has a 23 vs 22 tooth sprocket or is it the other way around? The bike was intended for sidecar use, if desired. No 3F - 1R though. It is 4F only.