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Brain -buckets

Who has the best deals, on the web, for helmets????

Also, the CD vs the book- is this the same infomation only in different format??


If you mean the CD Offer by Hal and the Yellow Book by David Hough.
The CD offer by Hal Kendall is actually here at for free. See the homepage. It does take a while to load though.The CD can also be purchased for 10 dollars through Hal. It has a ton of info and is actually more than one book put onto one CD. Go to the homepage and check it out.

The 'Yellow Book' has to be purchased but you can still go to the old Ural site and see much of the same info. This is free for a little while longer.
It was posted yesterday that the new Ural site will no longer have this free instruction but will offer the book for sale.(To order the book now call 800 7736-1117.I think it is close to 25 bucks)
Go to:
This is the old Ural Site...once there click
on 'How to ride' at the top of the page.
Keep in mind that some of the info is directed towards the URAL machines. The basics are still the same however. There are some exercises there as well.

David Hough wrote : (Speaking of the old Ural site above)
"The information was subsequently updated and re-written by the Sidecar Safety Program as the book "Driving A Sidecar Outfit".

"You might find it cheaper to get a printed copy than exhaust your print cartridge printing out the Ural book."

The option may be to copy and past it to your own word document so you do not waste so much ink as David alluded to..