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Board defies MEMBERS

It seems the board refuses to allow the canidates to come on 'racedis'

It seems the board refuses to show the members the minutes of the board that are kept on the 'racedis' site

It seems the board refuses answer questions with facts to the members

It seems the board lied to the members trying to get the president.

It seems the board wants to take their ball and not let anyone else play.

I John W. Kennedy as president have answered their post and will stand on the message from the president posted earlier in this form. What does the board have to hide in those minutes. If they are truely working for the good of the membership, and I had really done the membership wrong
would not the minutes prove both points.

Folks it is my good name being dragged through the mudd , I want to see this end yesterday . The board refuse to show prof of my misconduct ect. I beg the membership for help. YIC John

John Kennedy wrote:
>>It seems the board refuses to allow the canidates to come on 'racedis'<<

If the present board feels letting the ones who will be into office in a few weeks into RACEDIS is not for the betterment of the members they will be representing that is their decision.
If this decision is true I would like to request that the board state an explaination of their reasoning behind their decision.
Thank you in advance for your response.

We brought this issue to the members because we saw no immediate resolution, as John puts it "in the backroom". This is the official forum of the USCA and this should now be settled in the open. Both sides have been presented and discussion should be here. Taking it back to racedis is not the best way. If there are folks who want to follow along fine, if they just want to skip this forum fine, but nothing will be gained by taking the discussion back to racedis. If we are to be lynched then it should be a public event.

It all comes down to what is best for the members, The USCA. I really beleive that the argument regarding the constitution and bylaws is not worth pursuing as the way I see it those documents need updating and revising anyhow. As I stated earlier it is too bad the board did not address this earlier.
With that being said I think all members should realize that the board and John Kennedy are trying to do what they feel is best for the club.Emotions can run high but when it gets to the point of dragging one another through the dirt the efforts for the club itself are overshadowed by emotions. At that point the club suffers.
I think it is a shame that things have come to the point they have but here we are.
I know many think I am on 'the bandwagon' with John and Colby. I am ,in the sense that I feel their intentions are good and always have been. Some feel I do not like Al Olme..I feel Al has great potential and has done a lot for the club. I have said this and believe it or not so has Colby. Al is also intimidationg and overpowering sometimes and pushes his way through. Come on Dave and Joyce and Mogo you have said the same thing to me more than once.
Bottom line here is that we all need to come together and make an effort to do what is right. What is right for the club. Quit arguing the consttution and bylaws as they are in need of a lot of effort to make sense.
John Kennedy is one of the most honest, christian men I know. I can stand here and say without shame that his intentions are good. He is not a slick talker nor a person who manipulates people. He is the USCA president because he is well thought of.

I suppose that right now the question is still what is right for the club?

So, you think that all 6 votes in favor of the elimination of paying money to elected officers was because we are intimidated by Al Olme and that we didn't even consider what was best for the club. I think you know me and the others better than that. What is best for the club right now is that John agree that the process used was legal, that our votes were counted. If the next Board wants to recall this decision then that can happen if there are enough votes to overturn the decision. Simple solution.

Does the Constitution and bylaws need revision? Yes. Do we have to follow the existing Constitution and Bylaws until such timeas they are revised? Yes. John Kennedy stated that the vote on this issue was not carried out correctly. The board says it was! John stated his reasons why the voting was carried out incorrectly. The board has refused to offer any proof that what they did was in fact correct. Do I have a solution? If the board could provide proof that a board meeting was properly called and ALL board members were notified by what ever means necessary, I believe John Kennedy would honor the wishes of the board.
Joyce stated in an earlier post that if John admitted that his actions were wrong thay ( the board ) would intertain a motion to over turn the previous vote. Joyce, if John has acted wrong please provide proof that things were done correctly.
Do I think this discussion is a debtrament to the club? You bet I do! John did not bring this issue to this forum, the board did.
I have a suggestion that might resolve this issue. What I suggest as a USCA member is that this issue be addressed at the next general membership meeting, listen to the what the members have to say, and the board act on this issue according the wishes of the general membership.
To the Board members and to the President, this issue is not about who wins, because if this issue causes a detrament to the club, there can not be any winners. Please let the general membership decide this issue.
Colby M Cousineau
USCA # 6480

I'm curious, how many paid up members are there today? And of those, how many are you honestly expecting to be at Bean Blossom? How many members showed up last year at LaCrosse? Wasn't it somewhere around 100 actual members? I'm curious.


I'm sorry to say that we don't know how many members attended LaCrosse. The actual registration sheets were never turned in to the club.

At last years rally there were 149 paying members and one member who had a free rally pass given out by then president Jim Cain, for a total of one hundred and fifty members. I don't know the actual head count for members in good standing at this time, But If you don;t have an answer by the middle of july I will try to get that information for you.
By the way, thanks for the effort you have put in to make this site work, I am sure there are other things you could be doing with your time.