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BMWMOA Membership

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Hi Everyone:
The United Sidecar Assn is a chartered club in the BMWMOA. We are a member because it allows us to use their insurance to cover our rallies. It is a low cost way of covering our events - regional and national.
Every year the BMWMOA quizes us to find out how many USCA members also belong to the BMWMOA. They don't require many but we would like to know which of our members are BMWMOA members. If you are a member of the MOA please respond to this thread with 2 things - your USCA membership number and your MOA membership number.
For the record MOA number is 1881 and my USCA number is 5198.

For your records:
USCA #8836
BMWMOA #111438

2014 CB1100 Std, 2000 ST1100 with DMC Classic, 1981 CB650C

USCA 7012

Thanks guys!!

I am up to two now folks - One I knew about. He is my brother. We need to keep this going. Any other MOA member out there.

USCA 8139

BMWMOA 135606

MOA: 71656

USCA: 8655

Seems that Drone might be... I'll shoot him an e-mail and ask if he's seen this thread... And he'll probably know others.

I wrote Drone, he says he's not a member of any of the BMW riders/owners clubs... And that he hadn't been on the forum here for a while.

BMWMOA #146140

USCA # 8700

USCA> # 8934
BMWMOA # 42727

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