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Bmw or Moto guzzi with EML or Ural

Looking for an older 'drive away' outfit anywhere in USA or Canada. The less electronics, the better. Professionally set up. BMW Adventure bike prefered but will look at road bike also.  Could be a small as F650GS. Sidecar must be suitable for large dog, so no 'utility ' outfit, please. I'd like to fly in and ride home....

peterkozlik@icloud.Com or text 4038529529

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Found one, so post is obsolete 

Quote from Peter Kozlik on June 13, 2023, 4:51 pm

Found one, so post is obsolete 

No, no - you have to post up pictures and a description of the rig you found. How much you paid, where you found it, how you got it home, the whole story.  Forum rules.

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Well then: I wanted to buy the Guzzi rig in Oregon before it was put on here ( I actually suggested this forum to the seller) but the BMW fan and cfo of the family overruled me. Then, I was just about to give my credit card # to a cozy importer here in Canada to build our own rig, when I finally found my wife's dream set up: BMW R1200GSA, on FB market place. Side car looks like a ural but actually seems to be chinese. In BC, 1 hour flight from home, a long day's ride home....actually a ferry ride and a short plus a long day- because I took the scenic route home after I got the hang out of it (again- last time on an Eml/ goldwing about 40 years ago...).the rig seems to be set up just fine: tiny steering wobble at very low speed (15 to 20 mls/h), sweet spot at 60 to 65. I was flying the chair after a few hours. On mountain roads, not in a parking lot. Kept the tail gaters at bay, although I usually do speed limit. Mounting of the lower rear strut looks a bit dicey but will have to do for the rest of this season. We'll build a proper subframe over the winter if the main users ( my wife and our dog Bob) like the rig enough to keep it.... Personally I'm not a BMW fan and this GS seems to be very subjective to the fuel you put in: after first fill she sounded like someone forgot his tools in the crankcase on deceleration. Second fill at different station and she pured like a kitten. The previous owner has had her for the past 13 years and put some $$$ into her. Ohlins shock last year was the latest investment. I paid pretty close to US$10 k, which is almost what these bikes are going for solo in this neck of the woods. The sidecar was supplied and mounted 'professionally' by trans moto in Quebec. If these guys are professionals for side car mounts, I'm not a carpenter/framer but an 2x6 installation engineer.....🤪 At least they didn't weld anything to the frame.....

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DRONEslackersmitty901Dave Brakebill

I forgot: we want to convert the rear to a 15" car wheel and need a hub adapter for that. Anyone knows of a source or even has one kicking around? Bike is a 2009.

After that, the rear rim will get laced to the front hub and then carry a 17" bike tire. Not sure about the sidecar, yet: we have a gazillion of 1/2 used 19" front tires kicking around that we could use up on it.....

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The triangular step plate and the fender/light design are characteristic of the Chang-Jiang sidecar.  Your source for all things C-J on this forum is forum member Jimbosidecar - you can reach him at

I'm under the impression that the calipers will not clear the spokes if you try to lace up a 4x17 rim to the front hub on that bike. I'd be interested to find out I'm wrong.  I have a 2008 GSA (basically the same bike) and my solution was to mount a 3.5x17 front cast wheel from a R1200RT.  Calipers clear just barely after a little grinder work. I run with a 130/70.  130/80 wouldn't fit.

Not sure where you're from exactly, but you mentioned BC.  Forum member MGV8 is in the Kamloops area and knows a shit-ton about setting up and modifying R1200GSA's.  He might be able to help with the 15" rear conversion.  DMC used to sell those adapters so you might hit up Texas Sidecar Company -- they bought up all of DMC's stuff when DMC closed its doors.  The owner of Texas Sidecar is the current Vice-President of USCA. I have two of the DMC adapters on my rig--pretty much bulletproof.

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SwampFoxsmitty901Reardan Tom

If you're in BC, Barry Bates would be a good contact as well. He was with DCM for a long time but has since returned to BC. You might find him through the Bigfoot Sidecar Club website.

- "retired" WA state rep. Many years and many posts more than what show up here now.