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BMW Especial?

I have come into possession of a BMW /2 rig with the BMW Especial sidecar. Anyone got any idea of when these were produced?? What years?
I'm just guessing mid-50's or early 60's..

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Steib TR500 or Walter reproduction?


It's the real meal deal!! NO repo!!
NOT a Steib, (tho made by them for BMW)

Here's a photo of the data tag...

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I think you are right about the build time frame, but don't know for sure. What I do know is that is a beautiful rig. Congratulations.

From my point of view, that's sort of a Holy Grail of rigs! So sweet! Everything about it just LOOKS right!

The Baujahr / construction year never got it says somewhen in the 1950tees.
neither the frame vin / Fahrgestellnummer is marked -
That is something strange and unthinkable for a bike delivered within Germany.
I have heard that it is possible to get original frame tags from certain suppliers like Stengler in Kôln specially for to refurbish rebuilt bikes.
At the same time it is possible that the sidecar got delivered for export as unit by its own and that the importer or first installer never filled out the missing numbers.
Just a thought.

The blue cushings are made to the taste of the owner... all a perfect colour match...allthough I do not believe that is original ex works, but it is funny and fits well.
Very nice.
Sven 🙂

Your picture doesn't let me actually read the tag. Probably my screen's fault. Could you please type all the information and indicate which is printed in the tag and which is stamped in. A tag like that with no production date would be very unusual. THX!

"baujahr" translated means "year of manufacture", and in the pic it is clear that it was in the '50's, but not the exact year.

trikebldr - 12/24/2015 12:22 AM

"baujahr" translated means "year of manufacture", and in the pic it is clear that it was in the '50's, but not the exact year.

The tag does not have any "stamped" numbers. It does show (as trikebldr says) that baujahr is 195(blank). It also does not show any serial number.
attached is photo of the s/n stamped on the frame by the step, and a photo of a document I got when I bought the rig.
Most interesting......

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Sorry wrong photo--

Mebby this one will do..

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I do know for sure that the sidecar was purchased separate from the motorcycle. I have not intended to make you believe it came together as one unit. I apologize.
My old Pal Charlie Reaves bought the car only in Austin, got it home in a Uhaul trailer, then attached it to the bike shown. This pair has been together for at least 30 years, prolly more like 50. There is a long shot of this motor and sidecar on the cover of "Rider" magazine published in the late 60's or early 70's. I have a group photo of the attendee's of "Aspencade" in the mid 70s which clearly show this rig and it's then owner. I have been trying to buy this combo all this time. The only way I got it is for my old friend to expire, and I bought it from his son.
Hopefully I can attach a photo of the rig when I first got it home. As much as possible, I have tried to keep it "as found". I did a major detailing. Mechanically, all I have done is replace the cables, tires and tubes, and new set of points and plugs. That's about it.
For fuel, I mix V racing fuel and corn-free lead free gasoline half and half. Seems to work pretty good on that fodder.

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In case any are interested, attd is photo of Full Left

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Here is a photo of the Frau and I at the July 4th parade in my home town of Roscoe, TX.
We won first place in the motorcycle division. There were three entries!! 😉

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Nice rig!
This is a great piece of motorcycle history you´ve got. Meanwhile a rig like that in such a good condition is worth a small fortune here in Germany.
It is really good to keep the combo "as found". The exhaust valves are not made for unleaded fuel, but if you check for valve clearence frequently and don´t race it, they should do for a very long period of time. Many of my customers run these engines with unleaded fuel without any issues. The gasoline mix you use should do very well.
I wish you many trouble-free miles with this beautiful combination!

Thanks for the flowers Claus!! I can assure you, Sir, I'm not wearing it out. We are chasing the neighborhood kids in their golf carts. And trailer to the occasional rally.


nice rig