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Black Hills Roads

If you think the Tail of the Dragons is cool you need to try Iron Mountain Road in the Black Hills. If you start from the Mt. Rushmore end you pass over 3 pigtail bridges built in the 30's out of timber. Then you pass through three tunnels blasted in the rocks of the mountain each of which line up to view Mt. Rushmore - either in your windshield or your rearview mirror. There are 14 switchbacks and 314 curves in 17 miles of fantastic scenery. When you get to the end go a few miles West to the end of the Needles hiway. It is more of the same. After you pass the needles there is Sylvan Lake. After that is 6 or 7 more miles of switchbacks. When you get done you will have OD'ed on beautiful scenery. These are just two of the possible rides in the Black Hills.

I agree completely, the Black Hills is my favorite place in the world to ride, beats the Dragon, and Blue Ridge Parkway and all of the rest. Besides the scenery you will see Buffalo, Big Horn Sheep, Mountain Goats, and much more.

a nice one too, bend after bend
leaving Leggit Ca on 101 to Hardy Rock on the Shawline Highway 1. that are 33km 21 miles of hard work in the dark forest.
The California No 1 was one of my favourites on our Oregon Alaska tour.
We will have to leave for the North once more with Sophie for to try the Black Hills and many more.

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Hi Lloyd;
I recognize your name from my membership list. You must have lived in Rapid City in the last couple of years. You have personal experience with these beautiful roads. What is nice is that you can do the southern loop in one day and not have to go fast and miss the scenery. You can do the same with the "Canyons" - Boulder, Spearfish and Vanocher and have time for Mexican food in Spearfish. We live very near Sheridan Lake road and make that trip - just for fun. All of it is good.


Hi Will, we are full time RVers, and have a mailing address in Sioux Falls, but have been in Texas for the last 3-4 years. My love affair with the Black Hills started when my brother was pastor of a church in Hot Springs and we came to visit. We have returned many times, and can't seem to stay away for long. I am already looking forward to the National Rally next year in the Hills. One of my favorite memories is of riding Iron Mountain Road and seeing a beautiful big white Mountain Goat standing next to the road while we were riding around one of the pigtail bridges. I think I agree with the Native Americans, that the Black Hills are a sacred place, that keeps drawing me back.

seems like somebody else came to my conclusion too.
The only really sacred thing is mother earth.

I ride this area all the time on my orange ural patrol.