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Bigfoot Rally?????

Does anyone have a clue about a 2012 Rally in BC, Canada with the Bigfoot Sidecar Club. I have emailed them through their site and no answer. Any info out there...????

Thanks in advance....

Brian in NM

You might shoot Billie (the Idaho rep) an e-mail. She's usually up on what's going on with the Bigfoot people... Just a thought...

Thanks Tom....I will do that.....

Last I heard, there is not going to be a bigfoot sidecar rally for 2012 (the 30th year for the event) instead, as the national rally is at about the same time and locations that they would be putting it on they are planing on having a bigfoot gathering at the national rally. Of course I could have this wrong.
Jay G
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Thanks Jay, I did email Billie and she sez she has asked them to share the weekend with them like they have done in the far as I know, you are right about this...

For all of those who are wondering what is happening with the Bigfoot Sidecar Rally this year. We have invited the Bigfoot Sidecar Club to join us at the International rally in Coeur d'alene, ID this year. One of their members, Barry Bates is going to host the sidecar games. We are also hoping that Jerry Katanko, the Bigfoot President will be able to attend and give Barry a hand with the games. It should be a fun event. I am also a member of the Bigfoot Sidecar Club, and have attended several Bigfoot rallies in the past and they are always a great bunch to get together with. If you have any questions about the rally please feel free to contact Dave or Billie who are hosting the International Rally this year July 19th-22nd at Kootenai Co. Fairgrounds in Coeur d'alene , Idaho.