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Best of California

You all need to check out highways 299 and 3 through Trinity County, west of Redding. Some of the best riding for two or three wheels. There's not one stoplight in the entire county, which is the size of Rhode Island and Delaware combined, with a population of just over 13,000. A few great restaurants, wonderful river for fishing, rafting and kayaking. The Trinity Alps are staggering in their rugged beauty. My wife and I are setting up an adventure inn there, to officially open Spring 07. Check out the Trinity River Adventure Inn link on the homepage of our whale watching website, Maybe see you up there!
Steph, Heidi and Bisco

What did you finally come up with for a sidehack rig?
I remember we talked a bunch a year or so ago.
You were around Monterey Bay at that time as I recall.

Northwest Sidecar.

Hey Lonnie;
Great to hear from you and thanks for all of your help in the're a heck of a nice guy. I've been riding a BMW R1200C, so when I spotted one on craigslist with a Steib 500, I went for it. It had been poorly set up by Marin (CA)BMW but after a lot of trial and error and a friend who's a great welder, it's doing just great. Just got back from my son's wedding in Longview, Wa, taking my pup along, and it performed beautifully. For all of your great help and advice, we'd love to have you and yours come stay with us on the Trinity River, our treat. It's GREAT riding! Take care,

Hello! Since you live in California, and if you folks ever come down here to the Inland Empire. Try this ride: take 10 east keep on riding until you come to the Patton Museum. Visit the musuem and grab a burger at the Cafe. Then drive a little down the hwy more. Take the exit for hwy. 177. Ride this great road through some beautiful desert (Just like some wild west movie scene!). If you like world war II military ghost airports of Army air corp fame turn right and go exploring on 62! The ghost air port (Rice) is on the right. If you hit Nevada, you went too far. If not, turn left on hwy 62 for some more neato ghost ridding in the desert! Keep your eyes pealed for abandoned homes and sheds some with strange observation towers connected to them...they are on both sides of the hwy. Any way, try it out! This is a great ride! Very little traffic on 177 and a good portion of 62 except that is for the ghosts...

38 through "Big Bear" is a good ride. Problem is getting to the 38. From the south hgwy 10 around Banning is one of the most miserable roads in SoCal. Deepest rain-ruts I've seen and wind that will blow the hair off a cow.

Hi bikermikearchery:
Are you local to that area or just doing a groovy blowing through town ride?
There are a few sidecarists within about a 50 mile radius of there.
Some of us, of questionable sanity, but of sound bike, will be riding in the Perris Parade Dec 13th.

You or anyone else in the area care to join us, Give a shout.

Hi gpers2 In the northern part of San Diego county. Have a lot of years of 2 wheeling behind me. Always scouting for the back roads.

Also off the 10 going south on 79 you start in the desert and rise to alpine country. about 5500 feet elevation. Idawild, always a good ride.