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Best of a rock & a drop

Just north of the U.S. Military Academy on the west side of the Hudson River is NY rt218. It is a short run south of Cornwall NY to U.S. 9W but the views are excellent. There are a couple of pull offs often crowded with bikes & cages on the weekends but weekdays between AM and PM rush hours are the best.

The road is two lanes without a shoulder with Storm King Mountain on one side and a sever drop to the CSX tracks and the Hudson river on the other.
I run a light weight hack and need to be very conscientious of body weight and position on several turns, While the sports bike riders.. well nuff said.

Generally a speed of 30-35MPH is comfortable on the road a bit slower for some corners & first timers. Then there are the commuters using it who desire to read the molded imprint on the tail light lenses, thus the between rush hour usage.

But its a short ride that taking 9W over the mountain just can't do justice for.