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Beginning the Build

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So a big box arrived today and the contents are beautiful.

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Just a few more parts to attach and she's done!

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That rig is going ton be Gorgeous!!

Well, I am now the proud owner of a sidecar!!

Still have final alignment to figure out but so far so good.

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Lookin' good. Reeeeal good~

Finishing The Build.......

Well, it's time for a new discussion thread. The rig is finished. I have two minor electrical issues to sort out but I can no longer talk about building a sidecar rig.

I started this process with some trepidation due to the one-way door I was taking my bike through. Although I have always thought sidecars were cool and have wanted one for a long time, I was afraid that when all was said and done I would not like riding the result. Thankfully, that did not happen. I still have to rack up some miles to really know how to expertly ride a rig but what little time I have on it now has convinced me I made the right choice. I am looking forward to sharing the trips I make in other threads.

I have a lot of people to thank:
First, I would like to thank my Dad, Bob Mulcahy, 34-year Army Veteran, 20-years in Special Forces, Viet Nam '69-'70, for the inspiration and financial help to make this possible. He has shown me that three wheels was a way to extend the ability to ride a heavy bike; he is 87-years old and often rides 400 miles in one day on his trike. Hopefully, we will be riding together for a long time to come. Next ride is the Natchez Trace.
Danger Dave Kober, Special Forces sniper/Army Blackhawk pilot, Veteran of Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan, who is also a master mechanic. Without Dave, this rig would still be a bunch of parts spread out in my garage. Dave is an engineer at heart and nailed the alignment, first time, by following the directions provided by Pete.
Of course, I would like to thank, Pete of Liberty Motors. He makes an awesome rig.
Last but not least, I would like to thank my wife for putting up with me. No small task and she is great at it.

So over the course of the last 70+/- days...
Started with a 2003 Anniversary Edition H-D FLSTSI Heritage Softtail Springer.
Added a Baker Drivetrain DD6R six-speed with reverse.
Added Love Jugs cooling fans. One traffic jam in Daytona convinced me of the need for these.
Added modified front fork by Dullum Industries.
And, of course, added a Liberty Classic Sidecar.

The result is AWESOME!!!!!

'03 FLSTSI w/ Liberty Classic
Newest Newb here

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