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Beginning the Build

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The wait is over. After a quick trip the Daytona Bike Week with my Dad, I have started breaking the bike down to add the sidecar. Pete told me the crate of fun is 3-4 weeks out. While at Daytona I had Baker Drivetrain install a Direct Drive 6 Reverse. I highly recommend it to anyone who is considering a transmission upgrade. It is awesome. Set the rear legs (I have a springer) off to have the rake modification done. Expect them back in four weeks. Then I will start putting it all back together. I want to thank all on this forum who have given advice; I'm sure I will need a lot more.


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That thing looks like it exploded.... LOL 🙂

Looking forward to seeing photos from the build. Please post as you go......

Received pictures of MY sidecar from Liberty Motors. Should receive the front end back today. Bike goes back together this weekend and the rig should arrive within two weeks!!

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It's lookin' good!!!

Installed the front end. Notice the change in rake and trail.

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Baker Drivetrain Direct Drive 6 with Reverse. Highly recommended

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Gotta Stay Cool!!

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Liberty made a good looking tub for you.

Exactly how do you activate the reverse sequence? Have no persnal experience with these, want to learn.

The Baker reverse has two solenoids, visible as the cylinders on the top, right of the unit. One is the reverse selector, the other is a safety lockout.
In front of the right grip are two switches, one of which is spring-loaded. With the transmission in neutral and the clutch pulled, you hold the spring-loaded switch up with your thumb and push up the reverse select switch.
Easier than it sounds. Once in reverse, clutch and throttle work normally but you don't need much gas, usually just feather the clutch to back up, adding throttle only if you need to back up a hill. To get it out of reverse, pull in the clutch and push down on the reverse select switch and release the clutch slowly to ensure you are back in neutral.

The rig should ship from Seattle Monday or Tuesday. I can't wait for the real fun to begin.

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