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Sold: Bandito HP Sidecar Rig for Sale $9,500

This rig has been sold to a very nice gentlemen in Tennessee. 

For Sale: $9,500

2005 Suzuki Bandit mated to a Hannigan Bandito sidecar.  This High Performance (HP) sidecar rig has car tires all around and center hub steering.  I purchased this rig about 14 years ago and it is a blast to ride.  The tires have been replaced within the last couple of years.  Oil is changed with synthetic twice a year, and brakes bled every two to three years. 

$2,000 in upgrades to the rig.  The Holeshot performance top end oiling kit, stage 1 carburetor jet kit, ignition advance, mirror extenders, and touring handlebars (with longer hydraulic lines and throttle cables) have all been installed.  I also have the quietest Holeshot Stage 1 exhaust pipe on hand, but it was too loud for the Mrs.  Exhaust is included in the sale, but is not currently installed.  (it sounds great actually:-) 

The touring handlebars give a more upright seating position than the Bandit stock bars did.  Also, I installed slightly lowered footpegs (1”) and had a Russel Daylong seat built.  I am 5’11”/190lbs and the rig is now much more comfortable.  There is a taller Zero Gravity touring windscreen installed, with a Vario Touring windshield spoiler added that provides good protection from the wind at speed.

A voltmeter is installed, along with Hella Projector LED headlights, and LED Sidecar headlights.  In addition, an upgraded running light/turn signal was installed on the sidecar and a flashing brake light bulb on the bike.

 The primary chain sprocket is 15 teeth, same as stock and the speedometer runs about 3 MPH high due to tire size.  It has alloy car wheels on all three corners, disc brakes on all three wheels, and a heavy duty anti-sway bar.  Sidecar has a tonneau cover in light orange and a black spare tonneau cover, that has not had the snaps installed yet.  (For a really good time, install the 14 tooth front sprocket and see how quick this thing really is.  If someone doesn’t buy it quick, I will probably reinstall the 14 tooth sprocket in the spring.)

 Motorcycle has approximately 17,000 miles on it and runs perfectly.  Paint is in very good condition. There are no known operational issues with the rig – it tracks true and handles very well.  Lots of internet info on the Ballou/McSheehy Center Hub Steering (CHS) rigs built by Hannigan out there for you to research…top flight HP rigs!

 Workshop manual for the cycle and owner’s manual are both included.  If you have been wanting to try a HP Sidecar Rig, this is a very reasonably priced unit.  Most are going for $12k plus, but $9,500.00 is asking.

This thing is a hoot to ride, but I am quickly getting older and have purchased a more touring oriented Gold Wing sidecar rig.

There are a few minor “warts” which are highlighted in the photos.

  1. There is a small chip on the front middle of the sidecar from a close encounter between a golf cart and a Gold Wing (wife forgot to put the golf cart in reverse).
  2. Some paint is scraped on the bottom of the sidecar spoiler from putting it in a storage unit.
  3. Gas tank was dented by previous owner.  Does not affect operation and is very well hidden by the included tank bag.

Located in southern South Carolina.

No shipping, local pickup only.  No warranty expressed or implied.  I hold a clear South Carolina title.  Cash only, no trades.  If you want to ride it, be prepared to convince me that you know what you are doing.

Email for more pictures or questions:">

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Is this really for sale or an old ad?


Hi DirtyDR.  Yep.  Really for sale.  I bought a GL1800 Rig from Banner Guy on this same forum and now it is time to "thin the herd."  I also have a KLR 650 for sale, if you are interested and there is a KLR leading link front end for sale locally. 

You can reach me at if you have any questions.  Best, Jim

email sent

Wow.  This is a steal at that price. If all my money wasn't tied up trying to build a vintage racing sidecar that bad boy would be in PA.