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Baby steps?

My wife & I are thinking about adding a sidecar rig to our HD Road King. We have a 1 year old son and would love for him to participate in our favourite pastime. We are having difficulty finding information about travelling with an infant and we seem to raise more eyebrows at the mere suggestion of placing an infant in a sidecar rig!
Can an infant be carried in a car-seat - if the sidecar is fitted with a lap-belt rstraint? Is there a minimum age for sidecar users?
Some positive responses would be most welcome.

Though I can't give you any real informative advise I can give you hearty support! I say go for it however you can make it work. Both my kids (now adults) grew up riding behind me (no sidecar.) Now my grandkids do. My granddaughter has been riding with me since she was three even though WA law says something about being five. (But don't tell anyone she did that and both her and the boys are well past that now.) By the time I got my first rig, the kids were well beyond enjoying any advantage of a sidecar versus the back of the bike but my pup wasn't. The kids certainly enjoy the motorcycle no matter where they ride. If I had it to do over, I'd do exactly what you're considering. No matter whose eyebrows were raised.

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom

Although the Washington Statutes read that no child under 5 years of age can legally ride upon a motorcycle, there is no age limit on children enclosed in a sidecar. However a helmet is still required for the child.

Northwest Sidecar

I think it is great that you are trying to involve your little one in the great sport of motorcycling. My wife and I are expecting and also will be adding a sc to my roadking. I also got alot of raised eyebrows but who cares. I first intend on being confidant with riding with a sc on my bike. I have been riding 34 years on two wheels and from all I am getting from most people is that sc's are very hard to learn. I won't put my little one in harms way at least until I am confidant with my skills. I am trying to find a sidecar training program without much luck. I think more should be added but that is just my opinion. Good luck with your new adventure.

Why am I the only one who does that ^ ?

I would want the kid to be held by Mom in the sidecar- is a helmet made for kids under 3? Do not under any circumstances put the kid in the SC and Mom on the back of the bike.

Have taken grandson with us in our sidecar for about 3 1/2 of his 5 years.
He LOVES it and usually falls asleep in his car seat[which is seat-belted in]. He wears a bicycle helmet at all times as it's very lightweight and comfortable on him.
Regarding person riding in a sidecar, holding onto an infant [every state must have their own version on this for child safety in vehicles]:
Live in NH and it's against the law for anyone to ride in a vehicle, holding onto an infant. Our law clearly states that the infant must be in a car seat, the carseat must be located in center of the rear vehicle seat and the infant must face toward rear of the vehicle [don't have a clue what pickup truck owners with single front seat do].
All this said; we were never stopped or questioned and any time, when our grandson started riding, facing forward in our sidecar. And grandma does ride behind me all the time[she cannot ride in hack due to bad knee joints]. We carry 5 gallon container of water ballast in our CSC FS III outer seat and also have heavy 1,000cca pickup truck battery in trunk, so the ballast helps keep things stable. We have 22,000 riding this way through 3+ riding seasons. My 2 cents.....Old Tom

A sidecar is not a vehicle in any state that I am aware of, or Canada.
It is classified as an accessory. A sidecar rig follows most motorcycle rules, as do trikes and other three wheeled vehicles.
Most states do not have many statutes specifically aimed at sidecar rigs so many of the motorcycle or auto laws do not apply and there are so few sidecar rigs per capita that there seems to be a fairly loose tolerance policy regarding them.
In Washington kids of any age can be in a sidecar (body), but must be 5 years of age to ride on a motorcycle. A helmet is required in both cases.

Here, as in Canada, we are able to go to the front of ferry lines and get better rates on tolls than automobiles. The way it should be. We do get ripped off on licensing, insurance and endorsements however.

Northwest Sidecar