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Auxilary Fuel Cell - I need Info

I'm in the process of linking my Aprilia Atlantic 500 Scooter to a Velorex, model 562, Sidecar. All is going well and I expect to be up and ridding shortly.I do Have one problem that I think you can help solve. My Scooter has but a 3.1 gal. fuel tank and With my weight and that of the sidecare I expect to get only 40 mpg.There is my problem! The solution is a Fuel cell in the trunk of the 562.Not much info I've been able to get. Any and all information yoy have on products, safety, mounting, venting, fuel pump and placement or all other you might think of will be put to good useThanks

If you want to check out Sidecar Talk(SCT) there that may be of benefit to you. We have a files section that can be accessed off the home page. Click on 'files'at the left of the screen then go down to the SCT Knowledge base and then to the sections shown below.
Group 25 – Section 01 – Fuel System – General
Group 25 – Section 02 – Fuel System – Motorcycle Mounted
Group 25 – Section 03 – Fuel System – Sidecar Mounted
Keep in mind that these are a a collection of posts and may or may not be gospel. You may find an answer there or you may come up with more questions..regardless.. I thought it may be of interest to you.
Go to:
If not a Yahoo member you wil have to join and get a is easy but may be a little frustrating at first to find a yahoo name that has not been is free of course.

Stumpy,Welcome to sidecaring! The popularity of hacks on super scooters is growing quickly. It sounds like you'll have a fun rig.Claude's info sources are good and may be of help. My question is why do you want to go more than 120 miles at a sitting? It would be pretty easy to put and extra gallon or two in a small jerry can and mount in on the sidecar. It would make things a ton simpler, save your valuable trunk space and some cash to boot.Good luck with your project. Be sure to post some pictures. We'd like to see the process as well as the finished rig.

Swaybar,Thanks for the info. If only I weren't a newbee, and could actually access the information you have led me to. Signed into yahoo then joined yahoo auto groups/stc. No problem. Click left side menue at files and this generates a list of various items. I cannot find STC Knowledge base in list and of course no group 25 listing.This may be hard to believe but I graduated from high school and college. Most of my family and friends do not consider me to be a complete idiot. As that may be, I have yet to master much about computers (even common sense at times). I hate to be a bother but could you please let me know where I've gone wrong and how to get to where I need to be.Thanks, Stumpy

Sign into Yahoo and then Try clicking here:


>>Group 25 – Section 01 – Fuel System – General
Group 25 – Section 02 – Fuel System – Motorcycle Mounted
Group 25 – Section 03 – Fuel System – Sidecar Mounted<<
Let me know if you are sucessful or not. If not I can email you the stuff..I think.

Hope this helps,

Claude, Thanks so much. I got to where I needed to to be and think I have the knowledge files somewhat figured out. Lots of great info and reading in there. I'm really enjoying the info and fun on SideCar Talk. Just to update you on my rig (2003 Aprilia Atlantic 500 Scooter and Velorex 562) Mounting has been completed and the car is now in the paint shop. Over the winter months we will be adding the fuel cell; designing, fabricating and installing a roll cage for the Velorex; adding leg area air vents to the car; designing a mount on the car for my wheel chair, and other assorted goodies. My installer took pictures of the initial mount and we will continue with all the add-ons. When I figure out how to download those to the site I'll do so as others may be interested. On a personal note (hope you don't mind), as a Chaplin and rider I wonder if you ever came across my dear Chrisian freinds, Ron and Cindy Elrick? Ron (aka: Vicar) and Cindy have had a ministry within the biking community for some time called Circuit Rider Ministries. They worked mostly with the hard core gangs but attended all kinds of events for the love of ridding. If you did know Ron, he passed over last spring. Sudden heart problem. Cindy will continue riding and the ministry. She is most of my insperation to drive a rig, as I intend to assist her locally. If you knew Ron and Cindy or if you have any advice let me know here or at thanks for all Stan Smith

Well Stan your post was good news..Glad to hear you got into the files finally. I am,however, really sorry to hear of the passing of your friend but am confident he is in a better place today. Can't say that I knew him but can say I have been familiar with the Circuit Riders for quite a while. I suppose the group you are speaking of is the same as the one headed up by
Doc&Pat Louviere? They do a lot of work overseas as well as in the US if I remember correctly.
Anyhow..your rig sounds exciting and I will be looking forward to seeing some pics of it.
Feel free to email me ay
I got to snooping around on the net and found a site for the Circuit Riders M/ came back and editied my post to include it. Here it is:

Hey Stumpy;

Long distance riders routinely add auxiliary tanks to their rigs, whether they have a sidecar or not. (They also are big on those camelback water bags, so they can 'drink and drive' at the same time.)

A very fine forum for every aspect of long distance touring or riding is found at (if I've miswritten the address, go to, and do a search there for the MTF).

Folks from everywhere share their experiences and knowledge here, and I've seen additional fuel supply devices mentioned here lots of times.

Good luck....I don't recall having heard of any Iron Butt Sidecar riders, but I can see some good potential there.

Have a good one and we'll catch you later.



Looks like I need to start putting the proper subject title in my posts....Excuse my ignorance (my wife does, and has for a long time).