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Auto tire equivalent size


I also like the idea of a flat tread for the sidecar rig as opposed to wearing out the center of the tire only

David Hinze (Stroker) makes a nice car wheel conversion that may be worth considering. You would then go to a 15" auto tire. Most run a 165/80 although you can go all th eway down to even a small 135 if desired. The smaller diameter tires do lower the rubber to the road gearing , so to speak, which can be good. I do not have his number right now but if you call the shop we can give it to you. 570 837 5120 or email .

I took Drone's advice and ordered two new Metzeler's with tubes and strips. Should be getting them on next week. I'll report back as we put some miles on this brand. Thanks for everyone's time and help.
On edit: The tubes and tires were waiting by the door when we arrived home yesterday. Great service!

I have a Metzler 888 on my 08 Ultra. Been the best milage tire.
It is a bummer we cannot use a car tire, but a newer bike is alot more $$$ than tires, lol. Later-

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Ritch Williams - 4/18/2018 8:38 PM

I thought the Taxi tire from England was a direct fit for a 16" tire?
I just cant do it, But I've read of lots of high mileage results

I just installed the Austone Taxi tire on my 1994 GL1500SE with Friendship I sidecar - can't report any handling differences because I have yet to take it out of the garage...