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Art and Kathie Rhodes

For anyone in the sidecar community, that knew them Art and Kathy Rhodes of Georgia. They were involved in an accident Thursday morning on their Harley sidecar rig. Art  was resuscitated twice but did not make it and Kathy is currently fighting for her life.

This is an Update from James Almond from the Georgia Sidecar Club,

Their Daughter Katie is there with her Husband Just came from hospital. Katie, her husband, mother-in-law and sister-in-law all there. Kathy has multiple injuries to her legs, back (possible), face and others I can't remember. Kathy has been told nothing, so if you go to see her, say nothing about Art. She has already had several surgeries, many more are in her future. She is in and out, do not know what her level of awareness is, but she can probably hear you. Please don't go in there and say anything upsetting to or around her. She does have feeling and mobility in extremities, so that s good news. Art, Kathy and the guy in the Honda, Mr. Calvin Colbert are all innocent bystanders to someone else's inattentiveness. I am sad and mad, did not have to happen. Love you all, stay safe, watch out for others. Please. If you are a believer, pray please. If not, never too late to start.

I can't say I knew Art and Kathy but I am very saddened by this terrible news. We can only hope that Kathy will pull through this and with the Love of family and friends be able to survive this horrible situation


Our prayers and condolences to Kathy and family. Life is short, fragile, can dramatically change in a heartbeat. Yet we go forth each day expecting to return home each evening. To do otherwise is to admit defeat in the face of fear.

Live as if you will die today, yet hope and dream you will live forever.