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Are you an early riser? Do you live in the Eastern US? The USCA needs you!

I wish I had one of those old Uncle Sam posters to throw in here...but, I don't. 

Here's the thing, although we have basic safe guards against it, we get a certain amount of spam posting. We'd like to find someone who is an early riser and in the Eastern time zone who wants to become a moderator.  It really doesn't take a lot but it should be done daily to be most effective [if you miss a day, no one will die].  Sign on, hopefully early, and look for new posts. If they are off topic and obvious spam. BAN the user and delete the post.  I'll show you how.  If it's a post that's in the wrong forum, move it to the right one.  Also easy. 

Earn the undying gratitude of your fellow members and WEILD ENOURMOUS POWER.  To volunteer, yes, this is another unpaid position like all our in-house positions, send an email to"> .

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CCjonThane Lewis
Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

Willing to help, sent PM but not sure if it works, can't get e-mail address to work, does that disqualify me 🙂

I sent an email to you.  I'd be pleased have your help.


Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota