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Anyone home?

I joined USCA last fall. I received two issues of the magazine. Then it stopped. I've sent emails to Dave S. He forwarded it to membership. I waited, nothing. I emailed Dave back, nothing. I emailed membership, nothing. I really want to get involved. Hannigan is on the build list! For a newbie any information is great!

Can someone help me?



Lake Mills, Wisconsin 


Glad to have you here Frederic.  You've caught the executive team at a challenging time having just finished the Once Delayed National Rally this weekend. I'm certain they will get to you as soon as they get back home.

Meanwhile, tell us about yourself and your sidecar dreams!

Well I've caught the bug for sure. I've been reading as much as I can. Excited to learn something new! I'm going with a Hannigan Dual Sport on my Yamaha Super Tenere. Probably be fall before I can get the rig, and to a parking lot and practice. I'll keep you posted. 

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Tell me which issues you have and I will send you the few back issues I have left. I gave most of mine away at The Sidecars In The Smokies Rally.

No charge either.  Also just in case you aren't aware the site "ADV rider" has an excellent "Hacks" section. 

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Big TomThane Lewis

I've been following the Adv rider site. I received Sept/Oct, and Nov/Dec. Back issues would be great! I really appreciate it.


Frederic, I sent you a PM. Sorry for the mix up, we'll get this sorted out.

If you did not get my PM, try an email to

Jan Daub

USCA President