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Anyone "Down South" Have a Friendship III??

My wife is disabled. I purchased a Harley Electra Glide last month and want to add a sidecar for her. I like the Friendship III but MUST see one before I commit (to make sure I can get her in/out). California Sidecar will not have one in production until January and they do not want to give me any contact information of people who own one. I'm looking for someone within a few hours drive from the Mississippi Gulf Coast that owns a Friendship III and would allow me to take a look at it. I'm ready to purchase, but don't want a rig that's not suitable for her. Thanks in advance for any replies.

I have a Friendship III , I am located in Lexington Ky a way from Mis. I would be happy to answer any questions that you have about the car if you can not find one to view in driving range.

Contact the SouthEast Regional Director he may be able to help locate somebody who has one,Spencer I believe lives in Miss. You can contact him by going to the home page and E-mailing him from there. The only person I know of in that area is in South Georgia

Spencer Bennett

4201 Windermere Dr.

Nesbit, MS 38651

(662) 449-3840

check out the daytona 2+2. a freinds wife has ms and has found out that it is easier to get in and out than the 3. his brother has a 3 and i also have one and they are great cars. any other info i can help out with i will be happy to assist.